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Application and characteristics of super artificial casters

Application and characteristics of super artificial caster wheel

What is super artificial rubber casters, super artificial rubber casters have what characteristics? Unique super artificial rubber casters are soft elastic rubber like thermoplastic elastomere (tpe) tread through chemical bonding to the rigid thermoplastic core, super artificial rubber wheel set the advantages of soft and hard rubber wheel in one, not only can roll like hard rubber wheel flexible and durable, but also has the characteristics of soft rubber wheel impact resistance, silent, do not hurt the floor. In addition, it also has excellent weather resistance, low temperature performance, chemical resistance, water and steam resistance and puncture resistance.


Where is the main application of super artificial rubber casters? Where might super rubber casters be used? Huanxin super artificial rubber casters are widely used in factories, hospitals, schools, hotels, food, storage, supermarkets and other occasions that need to consider ergonomics and silent operation, but also can be used in a variety of harsh and extreme environments. Such as the presence of chemical media, metal iron filings, nails, gravel and other ground or irregular ground. The functional super-forma super artificial rubber casters can also be used in electronic, anti-crop and high-temperature environments. For example, super. forma super artificial rubber casters antibacterial wheel can effectively contain a variety of harmful and send out the reproduction of microorganisms, can be widely used in medical, food, chemical, meat and poultry processing plants. The super artificial rubber high temperature wheel will stick the high temperature resistant TPE material to the high heat resistant engineering plastic, which can meet the requirements of high temperature environment and quiet operation.

In addition, most electronics manufacturers accumulate and release static electricity to eliminate static electricity. It requires the use of conductive wheels on its assembly car, but conductive casters can leave marks on the floor in use. The super. forma super rubber caster conductive wheel uses grey soft elastic conductive super rubber and black conductive polyolefin core to bond strongly, leaving no trace on the floor. This conductive wheel can meet the requirements of Federal FF – C 88C standard. Its average volume resistivity does not exceed l05 O · cm. Huanxin casters mall to provide super artificial rubber directional casters, universal casters, brake casters, etc.

Super rubber casters have the following remarkable properties: excellent shock buffering for better protection of equipment, cargo and floors; Excellent impact resistance, far beyond the cast iron core rubber wheel; High shape memory performance, when the equipment is placed under load for a long time, the wheel is not easy to deform; Operation quiet, no noise; Non corrosive, resistant to most chemical solvents, water and steam; Excellent wear resistance, comparable to polyurethane wheel; Strong chemical formation of tread ensures flexible operation and free rotation of the equipment; Puncture resistance, can be used on the ground with metal iron filings, gravel and so on; Use temperature range of 50-125℃, can be used in indoor and outdoor all kinds of harsh and extreme environment; Environmental protection, in line with the United States fda and European Union rohs certification.

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