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Factory Sale 1.5 Inch Rigid Caster Wheels



Product Name:Factory Sale 1.5 Inch Rigid Caster Wheels

Wheel Material:PU,Plastic
Size:1.5” x 20mm ; 2” x 20mm
Loading Capacity:35kg-40kg
Bearing Type:Single / Dual Ball Bearing
Type Optional: Rigid,Plate Swivel,Thread Swivel,Stem Swivel

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount Height Hole Dia Thread Stem Loading
M26R-1.5 38 x 20 PU Ball Bearing 58 x 48 46 x 35 60 6 M10 x 15 Ø11 x 35 35 kg
M26R-2 50 x 20 PU Ball Bearing 58 x 48 46 x 35 70 6 M10 x 15 Ø11 x 35 40 kg

What is a Rigid Caster Wheel?

Rigid Wheel Casters: Walking the Line

A rigid caster, also known as a fixed caster, is a wheel mounted in a set of forks that doesn’t turn. Because of this, rigid casters can move materials forward and backward in a straight line, but they can’t be steered. While this limits the maneuverability of the cargo, rigid casters are stronger than swivel casters, and can handle higher weight capacities. When using all rigid casters, it’s important to make sure they line up correctly to ensure a smooth track. For an economical configuration for trucks and carts carrying light loads, tilt-mount four rigid casters in a diamond pattern with the center wheels slightly larger than the front and back, so the truck can rotate on the center wheels; however, this configuration can’t move sideways. Rigid casters are also handy for moving pallets with a mounted push-stick.

Swivel Wheel Casters: Turn on a Dime

If you’re working in a tight space or other environment where greater maneuverability is required, swivel casters are the way to go. Swivel casters rotate 360° and can respond immediately to changes in direction. These casters swivel on ball bearings to keep the wheel turning even under heavy loads. Loads on swivel casters can take more effort to set in motion than rigid casters, because it takes a push to get all the wheels pointed in the same direction before the cart or truck will roll. Also, it can be very challenging for a cart or truck with all swivel casters to roll in a straight line, so this configuration should only be used to travel short distances.

Sometimes the Choice is Both

For some tasks, you may want the ability to roll smoothly backward and forward as well as to change direction. For these applications, you can combine rigid and swivel casters, one type at the front end and the other type at the back end of the truck or cart. This will give you the ability to move the truck or cart over long distances without the struggling to keep the swivels moving forward or being prevented from moving sideways. Some of the more common examples of this configuration are the shopping carts and flatbed carts available to shoppers at grocery and home-improvement stores. This versatile configuration is also suitable for medium to heavy loads.

what is benefit of rigid caster wheels

Rigid Caster Wheels, the Benefits and Suitable Applications
The main advantage of Rigid Caster Wheels is safety. If you have an item with a Rigid Caster Wheels affixed to each corner, you will find that maneuverability is a problem – such items can usually only be moved in straight lines.

This is of course only a problem if you require your items to be more maneuverable. Casters of course are used to move items from point A to point B, so if your caster-mounted items only ever make short journeys, or from specific points in your warehouse, then rigid top-plate casters will do the job just fine.

Also, items with rigid top-plate casters are much easier to control than items with swivel top-plate casters. This is ideal if safety is of paramount importance (as it should be, anyway).

Additionally, Rigid Caster Wheels are cheaper than swivel top-plate casters as the manufacturing process is much simpler. Maintenance is also much cheaper (often an uncooperative caster can be fixed with the simple application of a little amount of lubrication), and of course if your rigid top-plate caster becomes damaged it is often cheaper to simply replace it than repair it. This is not so easily achieved with swivel Caster Wheels casters.

How many types of rigid caster wheels?

Due to the type,you can choose ,the Rigid caster wheels,Plate Swivel caster wheels,Thread Swivel caster wheels,Stem Swivel caster wheels

HuanXin rigid caster wheels are a sensible solution for any straight forward design or solution. We offer both locking and non-locking rigid casters to guarantee safety and convenience. Our locking styles come in either top locking or varieties that cater to any level of safety or preference. HuanXin rigid caster products all come with a flat metal, sturdy, and easy to mount plate that insures a level and secure mount to almost any surface. Our rigid caster wheels come in a variety of mobility options including a delrin bearing or ball bearings to accommodate any price level, functionality, or preference.

Where I can buy the rigid caster wheels for my project?

In China Guangdong Province,you can get a lot of factories, HuanXin is one of the best supplier of rigid caster wheels.

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