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Best Sale 1 inch furniture casters at Low Price



Product Name:Best Sale 1 inch furniture casters at Low Price

1 inch furniture casters
Material:PP core with TPE wheel
Wheel:Ø25 x 13mm,Ø32 x 13mm,Ø38 x 17mm,Ø50 x 17mm
Bearing:Ball Bearing

It can be used as workbench,sofa and so on.

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Thread Height Loading
M31TB-1 25 x 13 PP + TPE Ball Bearing M6 x 15 39.5 11 kg
M31TB-1.25 32 x 13 PP + TPE Ball Bearing M6 x 15 46.5 16 kg
M31TB-1.5 38 x 17 PP + TPE Ball Bearing M8 x 20 54 22 kg
M31TB-2 50 x 17 PP + TPE Ball Bearing M10 x 25 67.5 27 kg


Best Sale 1 inch furniture casters at Low Price

【3 Steps Easy-Install  1 inch furniture casters 】By installing the template, only three simple steps can easily install the caster on the workbench.
【Pre-installation Free】The 1  inch furniture casters  include 4 already assembled workbench caster. No need to check the tedious instructions before using, you can get a firm, error-free standard caster.
【Put It On Wheels】The heavy-duty polyurethane wheels casters wheels let you enjoy 360 movement capability. When it comes to polyurethane caster wheels that is both hard-wearing and durable, in order for you to get the best ‘life’ out of them. Opt polyurethane wheels which is strong, durable and gentle on floors for a smooth and silent caster.
【Retractable Leveling Wheels】Simple foot activated lift. Step on the pedal then lift the workbench to an fixed height. Pay attention NOT to step on the edge of outer side, just put your foot at the middle point of pedal. Each retracting module includes an adjustable foot, a welcome feature if your floors are uneven.
【Durable Construction】The heavy duty wheel casters are constructed with durable thicker steel that can easily transform your stationary 600lbs workbench. Durable wheels and bearings, they allow you to keep your workstations mobile, therefore opening up the space for new equipment or for cleaning duties.

Learn more about the products in our 1 inch furniture casters to find out if these casters are right for your application. To get more info or place an order, simply contact us online or email

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About huanxin caster wheels company

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Trolley caster: widely used on super market trolley caster wheel,and home furniture cart casters

Shock absorbing casters:Popular used as electric equipment caster,and high precision devices,which need avoid shocking.

Low profile casters; Mostly used as machine casters,and industrial trolley.

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For many years development we have develop more than 2000 series caster wheels,And we are proud of our quality.

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