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12 inch wheelchair tyres



12 inch wheelchair wheels
Material: PP core with PU foam wheels
Load: 80kg
Low noise, floor protect ,suit for both outdoor and indoor


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Shop Caster Huanxin selection of 12 inch casters here. All of these casters’ wheels have 12 inch diameter.

What are caster wheels used for?
A caster (or castor) is an undriven wheel that is designed to be attached to the bottom of a larger object (the “vehicle”) to enable that object to be moved. Casters are used in numerous applications, including shopping carts, office chairs, toy wagons, hospital beds, and material handling equipment.

What is the difference between a wheel and a caster?
The wheel is limited in that it only spins on a single axis. It can only roll in one direction at a time. Casters incorporate wheels into their designs, but they are a bit more sophisticated. A caster includes the mounting system that holds the wheel in place.

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