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Best Sale 2 Inch Furniture Casters at Low Price

5.0 (10 reviews)



Best Sale 2 Inch Furniture Casters at Low Price
Material:PP core with TPE wheel
Wheel:Ø25 x 13mm,Ø32 x 13mm,Ø38 x 17mm,Ø50 x 17mm
Bearing:Ball Bearing

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Thread Height Loading
M31T-1 25 x 13 PP + TPE Ball Bearing M6 x 15 39.5 11 kg
M31T-1.25 32 x 13 PP + TPE Ball Bearing M6 x 15 46.5 16 kg
M31T-1.5 38 x 17 PP + TPE Ball Bearing M8 x 20 54 22 kg
M31T-2 50 x 17 PP + TPE Ball Bearing M10 x 25 67.5 27 kg

More Details of Best Sale 2 Inch Furniture Casters at Low Price

The below is for 1.25.If you want others,contact me to get others.

detail sprcifications of 2 inch furniture casters
detail sprcifications of 2 inch furniture casters

Applications of 2 Inch Furniture Casters

Since the features of the PP core with TPE wheel of the Furniture Casters,it can be used in different conditions,such as Solid Wood Furniture Casters, Ceramic Tile Furniture Casters,Plastic Road Furniture Casters,Carpet Furniture Casters,Marble Furniture Casters.

furniture casters application
furniture casters application










It has 2 pattern classfications of the 2 Inch Furniture Casters. The one is Swivel Casters for furniture ,Another is Brake Caster for furniture.

Pattern Classification of 2 Inch Furniture Casters

pattern of classfications for furniture casters
pattern of classfications for furniture casters
other pictures of furniture casters
other pictures of furniture casters

What is the advantage of TPE Furniture Casters

TPE wheels and TPE castors are non-marking and abrasion-resistant. Thanks to the thermoplastic elastomer, the wheels and castors leave no steering marks on the various floors due to material abrasion. Thanks to the use of modern, high-performance thermoplastic wheels, traces on the floor are a thing of the past.

How to choose TPE, TPR , TPU caster materials.

Recently, A new customer placed an order Caster Wheel from us but he know little about caster wheel. Therefore we recommended him the right caster material according to his requirements and our professional experiences. The most common caster wheel materials in the market are TPE, TPR, TPU. Here let’s talk about their advantages and disadvantages and you will have better understanding on how to choose TPE, TPR , TPU caster materials.

For more details and get a free quotation:send an e-mail to us:

1. TPE material: TPE is environmentally and non-toxic material, with features of excellent wear resistance, elasticity, shock resistance and low noise performance. As it has good adhesion property with hard plastic. It can be coated and formed with hard plastic like PA,PP. TPE material is with great load capacity. Currently, TPE material is widely used for luggage caster, cart caster and industrial caster.

2. TPR: Technically, TPR is TPE because both of them belong to Polystyrene elastomer category. Its characteristics are similar to TPE, However, its elasticity is better than TPE as it is mainly made from SBS and its wear resistance is not as good as TPE. More important, TPR has better price than TPE, it also can be coated and formed with hard plastic like PA,PP. It can be used for heavy duty caster.

3. TPU: With the best wear resistance, good oil resistance, good elasticity and good load capacity, it has the longer service life, but it’s a bit noisy when working and without resistance to hydrolysis. It can be used for luggage caster and various types of industrial caster.

How to choose the above three caster materials?

Actually We are not able state which material is the best one since different caster materials have different advantages. The key to choose ideally caster materials depends on the usage and positioning of products. We seldom use TPE for caster even its price is moderate, mostly we use TPR and TPU. If you want the best wear resistance, then TPU is your best choice; If you want better price, then TPR is the most appropriate choice.

FAQ About Best Sale 2 Inch Furniture Casters at Low Price

Q1:Can you customize the 2 Inch Furniture Casters?

A:Yes,but unless buyers provide the drawing or sample of the part first. 

Q2:Can you provide samples of the  2 Inch Furniture Casters?

A:Yes, we can offer some samples while the cost of express shall be paid by the buyer.

Q3:How to ensure the 2 Inch Furniture Casters‘ quality?

A:We promise to use the good quality material and every product is strictly checked before packing. 

Q4:How long will the 2 Inch Furniture Casters be delivered?

A:It depends on the products and quantity of the order.For standard products, it takes 3-5 days to pack if we have them in stock.For non-standard products, we shall invest new mould for them and it takes 30-45 days to produce it.



10 reviews for Best Sale 2 Inch Furniture Casters at Low Price

  1. admin

    Worked perfectly! Added to the bottom of a space saving Ikea table. I can move it easily and the breaks are great so it doesn’t move when I’m eating at it! Bought 2 packed, needed 6 wheels

  2. admin

    These little casters are top notch in quality, with a very substantial feel and smooth roll. The 1″ low profile design was perfect for elevating storage baskets I keep in the bathroom off the floor, not only making accessing the contents easier, but keeping the bottom of the baskets dry and enabling them to be rolled out when cleaning the bathroom. For the wicker baskets, my boyfriend made a little dolly out of wood on which to mount the casters onto, and for the galvanized box, the casters were glued directly to the bottom. So far these little babies have exceeded my expectations.

  3. admin

    These were surprisingly good, especially for the price paid. I put them on something weighing about 20 pounds and approximately 6 feet tall, and it now glides around with ease.

    Knocked a star off because the included screws are apparently made of the weakest metal known to mankind. Screws stripped being turned with a manual screw driver into pine. Throw them away immediately and use any other screw.

  4. admin

    I bought an Ikea table for my daughter’s bedroom to use as a computer stand, but since she uses a laptop and moves from desk to chair to other chair, I thought casters would be a great addition to allow her to slide it around the room as needed. Since the Ikea table wasn’t very costly, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on wheels and was pleased to find these casters from Bayite. I just finished installing them and everything works perfectly 🙂 They are nice and sturdy, and roll well. We have no need for the brakes, but as stated, they only lock the wheel so if you push the table it will move like anything else you push on a floor or carpet – sorry no magical stationary system here, you may need to bolt your items to the floor if you are looking for something that remains stationary while receiving force.

  5. admin

    Best Sale 2 Inch Furniture Casters at Low Price

  6. admin

    Best Sale 2 Inch Furniture Casters suppliers at Low Price

  7. admin

    Best Sale 2 Inch Furniture Casters manufacturers at Low Price

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    Best Sale 2 Inch Furniture Casters factory at Low Price

  9. admin

    Best Sale 2 Inch Furniture Casters wholesales at Low Price

  10. admin

    How much weight can plastic casters hold?
    Image result for plastic casters
    Casters come in three weight ranges. Light duty casters are for loads of up to 500 lbs. Medium duty casters are for weights of between 501 and 2,000 lbs. And heavy duty casters are for weights of more than 2,000 lbs.

    What are the two types of casters?
    Image result for plastic casters
    When considering maneuverability, there are two basic kinds of caster: rigid casters and swivel casters.
    A rigid caster, also known as a fixed caster, is only able to roll forward and backward.
    A swivel caster has a raceway that allows the wheel to turn.

    What type of casters are best?
    Image result for plastic casters

    Soft Rubber wheels are a good choice for light average loads, with occasional full capacity loads. Soft Rubber wheels are manufactured of quality materials with a resilient rubber tread bonded to the hard rubber core.

    Are nylon casters good?
    Image result for plastic casters
    If the objects you are seeking casters for are not too heavy, then nylon casters are probably the safest choice. Nylon casters are typically smooth and non-abrasive and are usually installed ‘ready polished’ so they will not cause any issues with your hardwood flooring.

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