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Factory Sale 200mm central locking stretcher casters

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Factory Sale 200mm central locking stretcher casters

Product Name:200mm central locking stretcher casters

200mm central locking stretcher casters
Material: PA core,PU wheel,Nylon cover
Bearing: Ball Bearing
Central lock:Ø28mm x 95mm ,Ø32mm x 50mm
Lock degree:30 degree and 45 degree

Central locking stretcher casters wheels are casters with a central brake system that allow users to operate the brake system easily and quickly, by just 1 person,They are widely used as ICU bed casters,hospital bed casters,emergency stretcher casters.

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Height Lock Stem Loading
SCLCSWL-8 200 x 34 PU Ball Bearing 240 Ø32 x 50 180 kg

Learn more about the products in our 200mm central locking stretcher casters to find out if these casters are right for your application. To get more info or place an order, simply contact us online or email

200mm central lock casters for stretcher

As we know common medical bed wheels are mostly use 5” and 6”, As they are used on indoor smooth floor.
But most of stretchers are use 200mm central lock casters, Why? Generally below 2 reasons decided the stretcher must use 200mm diameter wheels.
1.Emergency stretcher need work in outdoor that’s need wheel have bigger diameter to ensure it’s have better Passing Ability
2.In outdoor the stretcher caster wheels need face rough and uneven ground & sometimes need move in high speed,That’s need wheel have better function on impact resistance.
Our stretcher caster wheels adopt high strength metal bracket frame with high quality white color shell .Plus high quality precision mute bearings. Beside of this central lock mechanism allow people can operate whole 4 wheels brake easy at same time.
As normal our 8” central locking casters
With two kind of lock stem:Ø32 x 50mm,Ø28 x 95mm .
Load weight reach 180kg/pc.
Lock cam degree: 30 degree and 45 degree
Can match direction lock

Factory Sale 200mm central locking stretcher casters
Factory Sale 200mm central locking stretcher casters


7 reviews for Factory Sale 200mm central locking stretcher casters

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    great quality Factory Sale 200mm central locking stretcher casters

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    the best Factory Sale 200mm central locking stretcher casters

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    What are casters in construction?
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    The caster, the mechanism which allows many items to be made mobile, is a small item that can have large impact on speed and efficiency in the workplace. Making items mobile cuts down on the items that need to be carried by other means, which can speed up activity while lowering physical stress on workers.

    Why are casters called casters?
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    The swivel caster is designed so that the wheel in the caster can rotate 360 degrees while under load. As the center hub of the wheel revolves around the center of the swivel section it is said to “cast” in that small circle. Thus, caster!

  4. admin

    What are the two types of casters?
    Image result for casters factory
    When considering maneuverability, there are two basic kinds of caster: rigid casters and swivel casters.
    A rigid caster, also known as a fixed caster, is only able to roll forward and backward.
    A swivel caster has a raceway that allows the wheel to turn.

    What type of casters are best?
    Soft casters are best for hard surfaces, like tiles, hardwood, and laminate. Meanwhile, hard casters suit softer floor surfaces. As such, for carpeted flooring, the best option to go with is hard tread casters. Hard casters require less force to roll and move around.

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    How do casters work?
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    The caster rotates perpendicular to the turning radius and provides a smooth turn. This can be seen on a shopping cart as the front wheels rotate at different velocities, with different turning radius depending on how tight a turn is made.

    What are castors made of?
    Castor wheels come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and hardness. The most common materials used to make wheels are rubber and polyurethane.

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    What is the difference between castor and caster?
    As nouns the difference between castor and caster

    is that castor is a pivoting roller attached to the bottom of furniture to allow it to be moved or castor can be (mineral) a variety of petalite found in elba while caster is someone or something that casts.

    Who invented the caster?
    Image result
    When were Casters Invented? Moving large items with wheels has been around since the early existence of ancient civilization. Then many centuries later in 1876, casters were first patented by a man named David A. Fisher, whose invention was initially designed for furniture.

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    At Huanxin, we offer a full line of casters and wheels ideal for the medical industry from top manufacturers. Medical casters and wheels are vital to healthcare, pharmaceutical and institutional industries that have unique motion control needs. Medical caster assemblies not only have to move along multiple axes, but they have to do so in a variety of environments and conditions — especially frequently washed-down areas, sterile zones, or applications subjected to corrosive elements.

    Our medical line of casters are available in a variety of materials and finishes from nylon to stainless steel. These casters also come in a variety of sizes, mount types and load rating ranges to withstand diverse weight capacities. With any medical caster, it’s a high priority to reduce operator strain and provide patient comfort especially on hospital beds. Our medical casters have been used for diagnostic equipment, hospital beds, hospital carts, stretchers, IV poles and other mobile medical equipment. Additionally, our casters come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing designs to avoid looking industrial or threatening to patients. Our extensive category include multiple product lines used in the medical industry.

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