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Good Quality 5 inch central locking casters For Sale

NSCLCSWS-5”/6”  central locking casters


Product Name Good Quality 5 inch central locking casters For Sale
Material: PA core,PU wheel,Nylon cover
Size:Ø125x32mm ; Ø150x32mm
Bearing: Ball Bearing
Central lock:Ø28mm ,Ø32mm
Lock degree:30 degree and 45 degree

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Height Lock Stem Loading
NSCLCSWS-5 125 x 32 PU Ball Bearing 166 Ø32 x 50 120 kg
NSCLCSWS-6 150 x 32 PU Ball Bearing 189 Ø32 x 50 150 kg


Advantage of central locking casters
Housing- no chink & streamline design, dust and water drop is not easy to remain on the surface
Metal brake- not easy to break (Metal stem)
Inner locking mechanism enhances the wheels to avoiding deviation and saves 15% of moving force
Wheel core with gear is injection-moulded with tread, enhance the strength of wheels.
Special design of cambered surface makes the wheels with dual noiseless precision ball bearing in both swivel head and the middle of the wheels reduce the contact area on the ground while moving.
Traditional brake will result in the damage and scratch the wheel with sounds.
Wheels keep static even on a slope of 15 ∘angle
Technical design for safety.
Brake can be used more than 10,000 times of standard EN12531 up to 30,000 times.

Learn more about the products in our 5 inch central locking casters to find out if these casters are right for your application. To get more info or place an order, simply contact us online or email

Advantages of central locking casters

The biggest advantage of a central locking system is obvious: Multiple castors can be locked or released at once. Depending on the system, the locking mechanism can be operated by hand instead of with the foot. The ergonomic benefit of this for the operator should not be underestimated. Furthermore, the lever for the central lock is always located at the same position on the equipment. If the equipment is fitted with individual locks, on the other hand, it is possible – depending on the wheel position – that the operating elements may be located underneath the equipment. For safety purposes, the lever of a central locking system can also be protected by means of a lever lock, if required.

Applications for central locks casters

An example of use: Hospital beds can be equipped with a locking system that acts on all four swivel castors simultaneously. The castors are released or locked by a pedal. It is also possible to fix two castors in the straight-ahead position to make it easier to push the bed in a straight line. The lock can be operated from both sides of the bed.

As a general rule, central locking is recommended in all situations where it is important to be able to fix the equipment securely in a stationary position and to operate the locking system quickly, easily and reliably. In addition to hospital beds, waste containers are another typical type of application. We will be happy to discuss whether a central locking system is worthwhile for your application. Contact us and let TENTE’s experts advise you on all aspects of this topic!

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