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Factory Sale 8 inch central brake stretcher casters

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Product Name:Factory Sale 8 inch central brake stretcher casters

8 inch central brake stretcher casters
Material: PA core,PU wheel,Nylon cover
Bearing: Ball Bearing
Central lock:Ø28mm x 95mm ,Ø32mm x 50mm
Lock degree:30 degree and 45 degree


Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Height Lock Stem Loading
SCLCSWS-8 200 x 34 PU Ball Bearing 240 Ø32 x 50 180 kg

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Huanxin caster wheels specialized in manufacture caster wheels,Our main business scope involved

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Trolley caster: widely used on super market trolley caster wheel,and home furniture cart casters

Shock absorbing casters:Popular used as electric equipment caster,and high precision devices,which need avoid shocking.

Low profile casters; Mostly used as machine casters,and industrial trolley.

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For many years development we have develop more than 2000 series caster wheels,And we are proud of our quality.

8 reviews for Factory Sale 8 inch central brake stretcher casters

  1. admin

    Factory Sale 8 inch central brake stretcher casters

  2. Tony

    What sizes do casters come in?
    Image result for 8 inch casters
    Caster Sizes

    Most office chairs tend to come standard with 2” to 2.5” wheels. While this is certainly an adequate size, there are some advantages to going with larger wheels and opting for at least a 3” wheel.

    Do bigger casters roll better?
    Larger wheels have two advantages in this situation: they form much less of a depression, due to the fact that the weight of the load is spread out over a larger area; and it is easier for the wheel to roll over the depression, in the same way that it was easier for larger wheels to roll over debris, as described above …

    Are all casters the same size?
    Most casters that have a grip ring stem have 7/16″ stem diameter. If the stem of your caster is 7/16″ diameter it will measure slightly less than the 1/2″ mark on the ruler.

    How big of caster wheels do I need?
    Generally, the greater the weight, the larger the wheel required for the caster. Larger wheels distribute weight and roll more easily over floor obstructions. To determine the load capacity for each caster, divide the combined weight of the equipment and maximum load by the number of casters to be used.

  3. Tony

    What size are Ikea chair wheels?
    Some Ikea chair use 11mm stem casters, Most of Ikea chair use 10mm Stem. So meaure the stem diameter of your old chair before buying in case of wasting your time owing to not fit. 5 Pack Casters. The diameter of the stem is 10mm (not 3/8″ or 9.5mm).

    What is the difference between casters and wheels?
    The wheel is limited in that it only spins on a single axis. It can only roll in one direction at a time. Casters incorporate wheels into their designs, but they are a bit more sophisticated. A caster includes the mounting system that holds the wheel in place.

    Do bigger wheels roll faster?
    Yes; provided the wheels are turning at the same RPM. You have to put proportionately more effort into turning a big wheel but it will go faster if you can keep it spinning at the same rate as a small one.

  4. Tony

    How can I make my cart easier to push?
    First, the bigger the wheel – the easier it is to push. Second, hard wheels roll better than soft wheels. So, if you’re cart has, say 4” wheels, consider going to a 6” wheel. If it has thermoplastic gray rubber wheels, consider a polyurethane tread wheel.

    Are castor wheel standard sizes?
    Image result
    Most caster companies describe caster using wheel diameter as a primary measurement. For instance, this phenolic caster has an 8″ diameter, and is usually called an 8″ caster.

    What are the different types of casters?
    Image result
    When considering maneuverability, there are two basic kinds of caster: rigid casters and swivel casters.
    A rigid caster, also known as a fixed caster, is only able to roll forward and backward.
    A swivel caster has a raceway that allows the wheel to turn.

  5. Tony

    How much weight can castors take?
    Light duty casters are for loads of up to 500 lbs. Medium duty casters are for weights of between 501 and 2,000 lbs. And heavy duty casters are for weights of more than 2,000 lbs. Just remember that casters are rated for the weight capacity of each caster, whether swivel or rigid, and not for the entire set of casters.

    How many castor wheels do I need?
    Calculating the load you need for each caster or wheel is simple: just divide the weight of the furniture, equipment, or cargo by the number of casters. Let’s say, for example, that you’re buying replacement casters for a four-wheel cart that’s used to carry loads of up to 200 lbs.

    What makes a good caster wheel?
    Always get a caster wheel that is rated for a higher capacity than your load to handle any unusual conditions, if need be. For material, polyurethane, iron core, molded nylon, cast iron, or aluminum core wheels can take up to 1500lbs per caster. Rubber and plastic are perfect for lighter loads, like for chairs.

  6. Tony

    Why is a caster called a caster?
    Image result
    As the center hub of the wheel revolves around the center of the swivel section it is said to “cast” in that small circle. Thus, caster! This essential swiveling feature of casters makes it so much easier to move heavy loads and turn tight corners in a warehouse.

    What is a castor wheel?
    Image result
    A caster (or castor) is an undriven wheel that is designed to be attached to the bottom of a larger object (the “vehicle”) to enable that object to be moved. Casters are used in numerous applications, including shopping carts, office chairs, toy wagons, hospital beds, and material handling equipment.

  7. admin

    At Huanxin, we offer a full line of casters and wheels ideal for the medical industry from top manufacturers. Medical casters and wheels are vital to healthcare, pharmaceutical and institutional industries that have unique motion control needs. Medical caster assemblies not only have to move along multiple axes, but they have to do so in a variety of environments and conditions — especially frequently washed-down areas, sterile zones, or applications subjected to corrosive elements.

    Our medical line of casters are available in a variety of materials and finishes from nylon to stainless steel. These casters also come in a variety of sizes, mount types and load rating ranges to withstand diverse weight capacities. With any medical caster, it’s a high priority to reduce operator strain and provide patient comfort especially on hospital beds. Our medical casters have been used for diagnostic equipment, hospital beds, hospital carts, stretchers, IV poles and other mobile medical equipment. Additionally, our casters come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing designs to avoid looking industrial or threatening to patients. Our extensive category include multiple product lines used in the medical industry.

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