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8 inch wheelchair wheels

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8 inch wheelchair wheels
Material:PU foamed wheels
Accessories: wheelchair wheel fork assembly
Fork: Aluminum alloy fork
Size: Ø150mm,Ø200mm
Purpose: Wheelchair caster wheels


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2 reviews for 8 inch wheelchair wheels

  1. admin

    Wheelchair casters
    Wheelchair casters are often overlooked but they play a vital role in the operation of a wheelchair. These two small wheels at the front of the wheelchair can swivel in every possible direction, which makes it far easier to manoeuvre the wheelchair when getting out and about.

    How do you measure a wheelchair caster wheel?
    Generally the larger the caster diameter the easier the wheelchair will be propelled over obstacles and rough ground. On the other hand, the smaller the caster diameter the easier the caster will swivel and the more responsive the wheelchair will be when turning.

  2. admin

    What are the front wheels of a wheelchair called?
    Front Wheels (Castors)

    The smaller the front wheels are, they will have less friction and are easier to turn, being suitable for interiors. For example, 75 mm and 125 mm they are recommended in wheelchairs for track sports, such as basketball.

    What are the small wheels on the back of a wheelchair for?
    Chairs with smaller wheels are usually called “Attendant Propelled”, this means that someone has to push you from the rear end of the chair in order to propel the chair. The smaller wheels allow the caregiver to maneuver the Wheelchair easier than it would be with a self-propelled Wheelchair.

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