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Factory Sale Central locking medical casters

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Product Name:Factory Sale Central locking medical casters

Central locking medical casters
Material: PA core,PU wheel
Size:125x60mm ; 150x70mm
Bearing: Ball Bearing
Central lock:Ø28mm x 95mm ,Ø32mm x 50mm
Lock degree:30 degree and 45 degree


Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Height Lock Stem Loading
SCLCTPRS-5 125 x 60 PA + PU Ball Bearing 158 Ø32 x 50 110 kg
SCLCTPRS-6 150 x 70 PA + PU Ball Bearing 180 Ø32 x 50 150 kg


3 reviews for Factory Sale Central locking medical casters

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    Factory Sale Central locking medical casters

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    At Huanxin, we offer a full line of casters and wheels ideal for the medical industry from top manufacturers. Medical casters and wheels are vital to healthcare, pharmaceutical and institutional industries that have unique motion control needs. Medical caster assemblies not only have to move along multiple axes, but they have to do so in a variety of environments and conditions — especially frequently washed-down areas, sterile zones, or applications subjected to corrosive elements.

    Our medical line of casters are available in a variety of materials and finishes from nylon to stainless steel. These casters also come in a variety of sizes, mount types and load rating ranges to withstand diverse weight capacities. With any medical caster, it’s a high priority to reduce operator strain and provide patient comfort especially on hospital beds. Our medical casters have been used for diagnostic equipment, hospital beds, hospital carts, stretchers, IV poles and other mobile medical equipment. Additionally, our casters come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing designs to avoid looking industrial or threatening to patients. Our extensive category include multiple product lines used in the medical industry.

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