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Factory Sale Low Profile Shock Absorbing Casters

LSASP-3” shock absorbing casters


Product Name:Factory Sale Low Profile Shock Absorbing Casters

Name:Low profile shock absorber casters,Shock absorbing castors
Wheel Material:PA
Size:3” x 45mm
Loading Capacity:400kg
Bearing Type:Dual Ball Bearing
Type Optional: Rigid,Plate Swivel
Purpose:used as machine caster,heavy equipment caster,abosrbing function wheel

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount Height Hole Dia Loading
LSASP-3 75 x 45 PA Ball Bearing 168 x 120 110 x 85 115 9 400kg


Shock Absorbing Casters
Shock Absorbing Casters Overview
Shock Absorbing Casters are Spring Loaded and designed to absorb shocks and minimize the impact to the cart, resulting in smoother movement, reduced risk of damage and less noise. Shock absorbing casters are ideal for applications where surfaces are not even or flooring has damage or debris. They are also great for applications where the load may be fragile or highly reactive to vibration, such as small parts or glass.

However, to achieve these benefits the shock absorbing casters must have the right springs to achieve optimal spring deflection. There is a science to determining proper deflection, the wrong shock absorbing caster can actually do more harm than good. If the spring constant is too high, it could essentially be the same as not having a spring at all. If the spring constant is too low, it could extend the impact of the shock, and continue to vibrate excessively. Rest assured, our engineers are experts in the science of determining the right spring and caster combination for each individual application.

We offer a large variety of Spring Loaded Shock Absorbing Casters including,

Single and Dual Wheel Shock Absorbing Casters (see products below)
Vertical Mounted Spring Loaded Casters for Pre-Load Applications
Huanxin Casters for Unparalleled Noise Reduction
Modern Suspension Systems Casters available in Aluminum or Steel, offering Independent Suspension on Dual Wheel Models


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Spring Loaded Casters

A cart moves more smoothly, there is less chance of damage, and there is less noise when using spring loaded casters because they are made to absorb shocks and lessen the impact to the cart. For applications where there are uneven floors, damaged, or debris-filled flooring, spring loaded casters are perfect. They work well in applications where the load, such as small parts or glass, may be delicate or extremely sensitive to vibration.

The correct springs must be used in the spring-loaded casters to obtain the best spring deflection, though, in order to reap these benefits. Determining the right deflection requires science; using the improper shock-absorbing caster can have the opposite effect of what is intended. It can be equivalent to not having a spring at all if the spring constant is set too high. If the spring constant is too low, the shock’s impact may be prolonged and the device may continue to vibrate too much. You can be sure that our engineers have mastered the art of selecting the ideal spring and caster combination for each unique application.

The continual flexing and compression of the high strength chrome vanadium springs extends their lifespan. With as little as 25 pounds of weight per caster, the spring compression begins, producing cushioned loads and silent empty returns. While towing, the lengthy swivel lead lessens excessive shimmy and vibration.

Shock absorbing casters are ideal for jet engine dollies, aircraft jacks, in-plant trailers, trash gondolas, lift truck stabilizer casters, revolving signs and parade floats.

There are several different caster alternatives available. Many of these not only increase functionality but also increase safety and product longevity. The most frequently taken into account safety features include reinforced legs, toe guards, caster locks, and caster brakes. Options that seal a caster’s bearing and prevent contamination of the precise parts are the main options for extending caster life.

Other choices are rack brush wipers, which prevent debris from impeding motion or harming a wheel, and threaded zerks, which are used when a difficult application and high level of maintenance are needed. These options can be included either during the production process or after the caster has been entirely put together.

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