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Factory Sale Low Profile Shock Absorbing Casters

5.0 (5 reviews)

LSASP-3” shock absorbing casters


Product Name:Factory Sale Low Profile Shock Absorbing Casters

Name:Low profile shock absorber casters,Shock absorbing castors
Wheel Material:PA
Size:3” x 45mm
Loading Capacity:400kg
Bearing Type:Dual Ball Bearing
Type Optional: Rigid,Plate Swivel
Purpose:used as machine caster,heavy equipment caster,abosrbing function wheel

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount Height Hole Dia Loading
LSASP-3 75 x 45 PA Ball Bearing 168 x 120 110 x 85 115 9 400kg

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5 reviews for Factory Sale Low Profile Shock Absorbing Casters

  1. admin

    Factory Sale Low Profile Shock Absorbing Casters

  2. admin

    Sturdy, accurate description,They work great. Easy to install. Iā€™m using them for a rolling work desk I built my wife.shock absorbing casters

  3. admin

    These casters worked out much better than expected once I figured out the best means for attaching them to my 55-year old steel table saw stand. As part of a refurbishing of my old table saw, I also refurbished the steel stand which included shock absorbing casters adding these casters to its steel stand. The wood blocking for attaching the casters was made from scrap 2×6, ripped to bring their height flush with the bottoms of the steel legs, and then cut a 1/2″ chamfer off 2 of the verticals corners to accommodate the profile of the legs. (3) #10×1.5″ screws hold the blocks securely to each of the legs while (2) #10×1.5″ screws securely hold casters snugly and squarely to the the steel stand’s legs.

  4. admin

    I bought a microwave table for the kitchen came with plastic wheels yeap move to unplug freeze to thaw broke two wheel off so order this wheels to replace them. shock absorbing casters Perfect but on issues note the screw depth before attack the you my need to cut wooden block out of scrap wood. if wood not to deep . The did not punch thur but raise wood just slight on inside Mircowave table šŸ˜‰ human error my on small issues Wheels are great way better then one came with Mircowave table.

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