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Factory Sale Swivel Heavy Duty Caster

H68SP-5”/6”/8”  Swivel Heavy Duty Caster


Product Name:Factory Sale Swivel Heavy Duty Caster 

Wheel Material:TPE,TPU
Size:5” x 50mm ; 6” x 50mm ; 8” x 50mm
Loading Capacity:300kg-500kg
Bearing Type:Dual Ball Bearing
Type Optional: Rigid,Plate Swivel

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount Height Hole Dia Thread Stem Loading
H68SP-5 125 x 50 TPU Ball Bearing 114 x 100 84 x 71 170 11 / / 300 kg
H68SP-6 150 x 50 TPU Ball Bearing 114 x 100 84 x 71 194 11 / / 400 kg
H68SP-8 200 x 50 TPU Ball Bearing 114 x 100 84 x 71 243 11 / / 500 kg


More Tips about Factory Sale Swivel Heavy Duty Caster

Factory Sale Swivel Heavy Duty Caster on utility carts can make moving heavy objects a breeze. Our swivel wheels work as guiding and transportation mechanisms when needing to relocate boxes, equipment, large amounts of merchandise, and more. Caster wheels allow carts to make tight turns around corners while you steer accordingly. These heavy duty casters can support various weight capacities, and have attachment caster accessories to choose from. Our industrial casters have many options, such as stem ladders casters and rigid casters with plates for stabilization.

Learn more about the products in our Factory Sale Swivel Heavy Duty Caster to find out if these casters are right for your application. To get more info or place an order, simply contact us online or email

5 step tell you how to choose suitable casters

If you are first time to use casters then follow next 5 step can help you choose suitable casters.

First step —-Materials

Industrial caster wheels material include: Rubber,Nylon,Polyurethane,Cast Iron,Elastic rubber etc. Different materials are available for different condition.

For example

Polyurethane wheels are suitable for indoor and outdoor environment

Nylon and cast iron wheels are suitable for outdoor ground as they can not protect ground well.

Elastic rubber wheels can be used as hospital bed wheels,hotel trolley wheels,tiles and wooden floors where need protect floor and keep silent.

Second step —- Bracket

In order to choose the right caster bracket,you must consider load weight request of the casters.

E.g. In relatively quiet places such as supermarkets, hospitals, office buildings, clubs, etc., the ground is generally good, smooth and the goods being transported are relatively light,so use thin material stamping bracket is ok. In places where the noise is relatively large like factories and warehouses, it is more appropriate to use a high-pressure ( heavy duty casters )to make a thicker steel plate to make the wheel frame.

Third step —- Load capacity

Calculate the maximum load weight of the industrial casters so that ensure the casters are well protected.

Corresponding formula: T=(E+Z)/M*N: “T” is the required load weight for a single wheel or caster; “E” is the weight of the transport equipment; “Z” is the maximum load weight; “M” is the number of single wheels and casters used. ; “N” is the safety factor (about 1.3-1.5)

Fourth Step—-Wheel diameter

The larger the diameter of the industrial casters, the easier it is to push.The higher ability to load the weight, the protection of the ground from damage. Accordingly the price is higher than that of small diameter industrial casters.


The reasonableness of the turning radius directly affects the service life of the steering casters, which can better maintain the equipment and shock absorbing.

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