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The Best Friction Ring Stem Casters for Sale at Low Price



Product Name:Friction Ring Stem Casters

Wheel Material of Friction Ring Stem Casters :PA,TPA,Plastic,PU,Rubber
Size of Friction Ring Stem Casters:2.5” x 25mm ; 3” x 25mm
Loading Capacity of Friction Ring Stem Casters:45kg-55kg
Bearing Type of Friction Ring Stem Casters:Bolt / Sleeve/Plastic
Type Optional of Friction Ring Stem Casters: Rigid,Plate Swivel,Thread Swivel,Stem Swivel

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount Height Hole Dia Thread Stem Loading
L35ST-2.5 38 x 25 Rubber Bolt 70 x 58 55 x 42 84 8.2 M10 x 15 Ø11 x 35 45 kg
L35ST-3 50 x 25 Rubber Bolt 70 x 58 55 x 42 100 8.2 M12 x 25 Ø11 x 35 55 kg


More Tips

Casters are all around us and used in our daily lives to make it easier to move heavy or bulky objects. Friction Ring Stem Casters can be found in a warehouse on rolling warehouse ladders and carts. They can be found in the office on chairs, cabinets and office machines. Friction Ring Stem Casters are in workshops on tool chests and in our homes on dressers, dining room chairs and kitchen carts.

If you don’t already know, there are three Friction Ring Stem Casters mounting methods: stem casters, bold-hole casters and plate casters. Stem casters have a rod that may or may not be threaded. Threaded studs may be screwed into a t-nut while unthreaded studs are inserted into a pilot hole or caster socket and have a ring or grip neck to hold it in place.

When selecting a Friction Ring Stem Caster, several factors should be considered: load requirements, wheel hardness and mounting method, as well as any special application requirements. Light duty casters with a friction ring grip are ideal for display and store fixtures, furniture, medical and office equipment, mop buckets and rolling ladders, just to name a few. At HuanXin Caster Wheel Company we carry a comprehensive selection of Friction Grip Ring Stem Casters. Whether your specific need requires a 2”, 3” or 4” stem caster, we’ve got the caster you’re looking for!

Tips 2

Grip Ring Stem casters also known as Friction Ring Stem Casters are meant to be inserted or ‘popped’ into posts or wooden legs with a 7/16″ Hole. We offer many wheel sizes of grip ring / friction ring stems with multiple wheel material combinations such as a hard steel wheel to a soft thermo plastic rubber material to protect floors. Grip Ring Stem Casters are a great way of converting your stationary unit or equipment into a mobile unit when you lack the space for a standard plate caster. Semi-Steel wheels are meant for smooth concrete floors and are easy to roll as long as it’s able to swivel and roll without debris or obstacles on the floor. Thermo Plastic Rubber wheels are great for rolling over debris, obstacles, and absorbing shock and vibrations. Thermo plastic rubber has slightly less weight capacity compared to a steel wheel but it is our most popular and commonly used caster in a broad variety of applications to protect floors and equipment.


6 Essential Criteria For Selecting The Best Caster Wheel


A caster is more than just a wheel. In fact, it is often considered as the evolution of the wheel because of the myriad of uses one gets out of it. Since casters have been around for so long, they have branched out into various types of wheels. So how does one select the best leveling caster?

We need to consider multiple factors when shopping for the best leveling caster wheels. Once you have narrowed down what you want out of your caster, you will be able to select the ideal caster wheels for your line of work:

Types of Caster

There are two main types of casters available in the market, and every other type of caster is a sub-type of those two options. These are:

Swivel Casters – These caster wheels can rotate 360 degrees, which is why they offer high maneuverability and are perfect for moving heavy loads around the warehouse. They can be used to move industrial equipment and furniture. The bigger the wheel, the larger the load it can carry. There are different types of swivel casters, including kingpinless casters, stem casters, locking casters, and plate casters

Rigid Casters – As the name suggests, rigid casters are fixed in place or “rigid.” They simply feature a wheel between a bracket, so there is no swivel motion. Rigid leveling caster wheels are perfect for moving hefty loads around the warehouse. Since there is no swivel, the rigid caster can only maneuver the object forward or backward, which helps carry heavy loads. Most rigid casters come with a brake, which helps control movement.

Kingpinless Swivel Casters – These casters are a special type of swivel caster that eliminates all the shortcomings of a swivel caster. A regular swivel caster is held together by a kingpin, which bears all the stress that the caster undergoes. So a traditional swivel caster gives in under very high loads and rough surfaces. A Kingpinless Swivel Caster is not held by a bolt or rivet, which is why it can bear higher stress levels, making it more durable under heavy loads or rough surfaces.

Load Bearing

Keep in mind the kind of load you will need to move around to select the best type of caster for it. The heavier the load, the bigger the wheel you must use. Having a load measurement on hand is helpful. For example, a load that is over 250 pounds will require bearings.

The load of the object is not the only load you have to consider, though. Keep the shock load or the impact load in mind as well. This refers to the impact that the cart experiences the moment it receives a load or when the cart bumps into an obstruction or a rough surface. The maximum load your cart will have to bear will determine the kind of caster perfect for it.

Wheel Type

The most important consideration for a leveling caster wheel is its size. Larger wheels can bear heavier loads and are easy to maneuver. Naturally, for higher loads, you will need a larger wheel.

Other than that, the material and finish of the wheel will also determine its durability in your line of work. Common materials used to make wheels include soft rubber, hard rubber, and steel. Steel wheels are resistant to most chemical damage and rusting and can also bear heavy loads. Rubber wheels are not harsh to most types of flooring, do not cause noise pollution, and are resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The type of tread is also crucial when selecting a wheel. The two main types of tread are donut and flat. A donut tread does not cause sound pollution and cushion against obstructions in the wheel’s path. Flat wheel treads can carry large loads.


If your caster requires bearings, here are the main types:

Plain bearings – These are the most commonly used bearings. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and com

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