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Hospital Table Tray Casters for Sale High Quality

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Product Name:Hospital Table Tray Casters for Sale High Quality

Name:Hospital Casters
Wheel Material:PA,PP,TPR
Size:4” x 32mm ; 5” x 32mm
Loading Capacity:70kg-80kg
Bearing Type:Plain Bearing
Type:Threaded Stem,Threaded Stem With Plastic Dual-Brake,Threaded Stem With Metal Dual-Brake
Widely used as Hospital furniture casters,Hospital bed caster.Medical cart castors,Medical Device Casters

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount Height Bolt Hole Thread Stem Loading
P95SP-4 100 x 32 TPR Plain Bearing 77 x 67 58 x 49 135 13 M12 x 20 Ø28 x 45 70 kg
P95SP-5 125 x 32 TPR Plain Bearing 77 x 67 58 x 49 162 13 M12 x 20 Ø28 x 45 80 kg


Hospital Bed Stretcher Replacement Casters, Central Locking Casters

Our hospital bed and stretcher casters are used by medical facilities throughout the world. We stock both original equipment bed casters and replacement bed casters. If you are paying full original- equipment price you may be paying 30-100% too much! In today’s competitive world, you cannot afford that luxury. Let us help you find the right bed caster or stretcher caster at the best price.

We have the swivel bed casters, brake and steer bed casters (directional lock bed casters) and the Total Lock bed casters. Our bed casters are used on literally thousands and thousands of beds. As with all of our institutional casters, these casters are smooth and quiet! The wheels are “floor friendly”, non-marking, and non-abrasive. The casters are both ergonomic and low-maintenance.

Discover premium medical technology: hospital bed casters, swivel casters, twin wheel casters and nylon casters specifically developed for hospital beds!
Are you looking for maintenance-free and reliable casters for hospital beds?
Our high-quality, centrally lockable medical technology casters have been specifically developed for hospital beds and are precisely tailored to the specific requirements of hygiene, safety and maneuverability. Learn about the benefits of Huanxin casters and wheels developed for hospital beds. Benefit from the advantages for buyers, planners, designers and product developers!

The benefits of Huanxin hospital bed casters:

Huanxin medicine technology castors – Medical castors Hospital bed Clinic bed Nursing home bed ESD Washable
Perfect serviceability – quiet and low-resistance medical technology casters
Available as a product family – many diameters and load capacities available
Wide range – swivel casters, twin wheel casters and nylon casters
Washable and electrically conductive (ESD) versions – deliverable at short notice
Individual solutions with customized colour, locking system, fixture type or customer logo are possible on request
Award-winning and hygienic design – perfectly matched to hospital beds
Free 3D models – rapid creation of 3D prototypes for planners and designers
Caster locks requiring minimal force to operate – simple and quiet actuation
Technical advice – fast and uncomplicated
Sliding prices and quantity discounts – for bulk buyers
Invest in washable and electrically conductive hospital bed casters – made by Huanxin. Secure your hospital beds and reduce complaints!

6 reviews for Hospital Table Tray Casters for Sale High Quality

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    Hospital Table Tray Casters for Sale High Quality

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    The cure for these top-four pains caused by commodity hospital casters is better, hospital-designed casters. If your casters are too noisy, hard to move or costly to maintain, or if they are damaging your floors, look for the following qualities in your replacement casters.
    High-quality wheel material such as polyurethane: These wheels store and exude energy to reduce noise-causing vibrations, and deliver a smooth and quiet ride.
    Wheels with a debris-rejecting quality: Wheels made from durable polyurethane are soft enough to be quiet but hard enough that the tread doesn’t mark floors or retain debris.
    Long swivel lead: These make carts much easier to push, pull, turn, maneuver into place and stop.
    Bearings: Casters with bearings are quieter, easier to maneuver and last longer.

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    How much weight can plastic casters hold?
    Image result for plastic casters
    Casters come in three weight ranges. Light duty casters are for loads of up to 500 lbs. Medium duty casters are for weights of between 501 and 2,000 lbs. And heavy duty casters are for weights of more than 2,000 lbs.

    What are the two types of casters?
    Image result for plastic casters
    When considering maneuverability, there are two basic kinds of caster: rigid casters and swivel casters.
    A rigid caster, also known as a fixed caster, is only able to roll forward and backward.
    A swivel caster has a raceway that allows the wheel to turn.

    What type of casters are best?
    Image result for plastic casters

    Soft Rubber wheels are a good choice for light average loads, with occasional full capacity loads. Soft Rubber wheels are manufactured of quality materials with a resilient rubber tread bonded to the hard rubber core.

    Are nylon casters good?
    Image result for plastic casters
    If the objects you are seeking casters for are not too heavy, then nylon casters are probably the safest choice. Nylon casters are typically smooth and non-abrasive and are usually installed ‘ready polished’ so they will not cause any issues with your hardwood flooring.

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    Custom Industrial Casters
    If you work in industrial manufacturing, you are probably held to an impossibly high standard of efficiency. To meet the demands of your industry, you need the right manufacturing tools at your disposal. Do you have an unusual, demanding, or colossal job coming up? When standard casters just won’t cut it, you need a custom solution from Huanxin Casters.

    Our engineering team is willing and able to custom-manufacture nearly anything to suit any application. From the caster or wheel itself to any protective or powder coat finishes to added parts and accessories, no component is off-limits to customization!

    We Are Your Source for Custom Casters
    Welding a Custom Caster
    There are thousands of different casters and caster wheels on the market, enough for any situation, environment, and job. Every now and then there is a project that requires a little extra work to meet unique or specific requirements and thats where Service Caster’s custom fabrication team comes in.

    Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a major manufacturing facility, custom work can be tailored to fit your needs.

    Getting the Custom Caster You Need
    Custom Tread LockHow do you take advantage of our abilities to custom make your perfect wheel? The first step is to give us a call and discuss with us the project that you’re working on. We will ask questions like, “What kind of surface will the wheels roll on?” and “Will there be high speeds, or side thrust on the caster?” These questions will help us determine if you actually need custom work, or if there is something out there in the “caster-verse” that is readily available. Once we’ve determined you need custom work, we will develop with you the exact specification of your wheel and caster. Everything from the top plate or stem down to the very bottom of the wheel’s tread.
    In addition to phone calls, specs and images can be emailed to us, and physical samples can go a long way to making sure you get exactly what you need.

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    What is a dual wheel Twin Caster?
    Twin wheel casters are typically made of nylon and thermoplastics and have two wheels that are riveted or friction-fitted to an axle on the outside of a central body. Twin wheels can be hooded or non-hooded in design; both still feature a central body that the wheels are assembled to.

    What is the difference between Twin Caster and caster?
    Castor is a British term for caster wheel, whereas caster is an American term for caster wheel. A caster or castor is a pivoting roller attached to the bottom of furniture or a portable machine for easy movement. Casters are available in two different styles: swivel casters and fixed casters.

    What are the types of Twin Caster?
    Image result for Twin Caster
    When considering maneuverability, there are two basic kinds of caster: rigid casters and swivel casters. A rigid caster, also known as a fixed caster, is only able to roll forward and backward. A swivel caster has a raceway that allows the wheel to turn.

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