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Cheap Medical Casters for Sale at Low Price



Product Name:Cheap Medical Casters for Sale at Low Price

Medical Casters, manufactures casters and wheels for medical needs. Stainless Steel, Nylon, and Chrome casters provide mobility solutions for medical environments.

Wheel Material:TPE,TPR
Size:4” x 32mm ; 5” x 32mm
Loading Capacity:80kg-90kg
Bearing Type:Single Ball Bearing
Type Optional: Plate Swivel,Thread Swivel,Stem Swivel

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount Height Bolt Hole Thread Stem Loading
L51SP-4 100 x 32 TPR Ball Bearing 95 x 67 73 x 45 138 12 M12 x 25 / 80 kg
L51SP-5 125 x 32 TPR Ball Bearing 95 x 67 73 x 45 163 12 M12 x 25 / 90 kg


2020 Buyer’s Guide to Medical Casters

Due to the nature of the medical industry, casters for medical usage require special considerations. Exposure to fluids and chemicals often require frequent wash-downs, and quiet mobility provides recovering patients with one less distraction. Stainless Steel casters and Nylon-bodied casters are rust resistant and can withstand exposure to chemicals and washdowns. Precision bearings in both swivel raceways and wheels provide a smooth, quiet ride for both cart and patient. While they may be labeled “medical,” these casters are also great for any environment where chemicals are possible, or when a quiet caster is preferred.


For quick online service please email us: and a Caster Expert will help you answer any questions.


Medical Casters

You need to be able to transport medical equipment from room to room so patients get what they need fast. How are you going to do that? A place to start is to shop for medical casters to add caster wheels to the bottom of whatever it is you need to make mobile.  HuanXin Casters has many to choose from.

Autoclave Casters:Designed to withstand high temperatures, these casters can easily transport your autoclave machine where ever you need.  Features include dual ball swivel, plastic thread guards for extra protection, and 304 polished stainless steel casters.

Chrome Casters:  Available with or without a brake, these casters come with a grip ring or threaded stem.

IV Cart Caster: IVs need to be mobile to move with your patient. These casters come in many sizes with or without brakes, per your specification.

Nylon Casters:  Made with Nylon instead of metal, these carts are affordable and won’t scratch up your floors.

Razor Casters: These won’t scuff up your floors either, but they do have a great swivel.

Wheel Chair Casters: Instead of buying a new wheel chair, replace the casters with one of these and save a lot money.

Other types of caster wheels include stainless steel and neoteq. Click on each one for more information or to place your order.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, view the medical line information catalog, or you email us.

HuanXin Caster has been providing casters for over 9 years. People—businesses, families, and companies have trusted us to make sure they get what they need, when they need it by offering ease of use and affordability. See for yourself by shopping today.


HuanXin Caster offers medical-grade casters for a variety of uses, including hospital bed castersmedical cart casters, casters for IV poles and ventilators, and other medical equipment casters.

Regardless of the application, helping to provide safety and a pleasant patient experience is of utmost importance. To ensure the best environment is provided for healing patients, hospitals are graded by patients via  HCAHPS survey scores. HCAHPS (the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) is a patient satisfaction survey, enforced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, for hospitals in the United States. In order to ensure that casters do not detract from patients’ experience in a hospital, medical casters need to be extremely smooth and quiet.

Below, you’ll find all of our medical casters that meet our high standards for this industry. Contact us if you don’t see what you need or if you would like some guidance in purchasing medical casters.


Enjoying Go manufactures quiet, smooth rolling medical casters and wheels for medical needs. Our medical caster for hospital bed, hospital carts, IV stands, food trays, and chairs. Enjoying Go medical casters provide best mobility solutions for medical environments, such as bed tables, IV poles, computer carts and medical service carts.

Select from soft wheel seating and equipment casters and will meet your hospital and medical facility needs. Enjoying Go offers an extensive range of medical casters and wheels for every application. Get more details of medical casters, welcome to contact with Enjoying Go Caster!


Keeping in HuanXin with the current fashion trends, we are engaged in offering a remarkable collection of Medical Caster. This Medical Caster is known for its supreme quality and durability. In bulk, we are offering this Medical Caster to customers. Medical Caster is widely used for diagnostic equipment, hospital beds, hospital carts, stretchers, IV poles and another mobile.

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