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Factory Sale Medical equipment caster wheels



Product Name:Factory Sale Medical equipment caster wheels

Medical equipment caster wheels
Material: PP core with TPR wheel
Size:Ø75 x 22mm ; Ø100 x 30mm
Load Capacity:45kg,60kg
Bearing:Ball Bearing

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Thread Height Loading
P90ERB-3 75 x 22 PP + TPR Ball Bearing 21~30 118 40 kg
P90ERB-4 100 x 30 PP + TPR Ball Bearing 21~30 153 60 kg


What is medical caster?
With any medical caster, it’s a high priority to reduce operator strain and provide patient comfort especially on hospital beds. Our medical casters have been used for diagnostic equipment, hospital beds, hospital carts, stretchers, IV poles and other mobile medical equipment.

How do stem casters work?
Threaded stem casters are affixed into a threaded insert, or by attaching a nut onto the backside of the threaded rod. If you have access to apply the nut, or have a threaded insert, then these casters are ideal since they will be able to lock in place by using a lock washer or lock nut when mounting the caster.

What is a medical caster on a medical chair?
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Casters are small wheels that are fastened to the bottom of medical chair legs to facilitate their movement across floors. This type of feature is typically best suited for small, lightweight chairs such as task or conference seating.

What are the two types of casters?
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When considering maneuverability, there are two basic kinds of caster: rigid casters and swivel casters.
A rigid caster, also known as a fixed caster, is only able to roll forward and backward.
A swivel caster has a raceway that allows the wheel to turn.


Top 3 Medical equipment caster wheelss for Medical Equipment of 2022

If you work in any kind of medical environment, then you’ll understand the importance of having good, reliable Medical equipment caster wheelss. Transporting medical equipment around using Medical equipment caster wheelss can quite literally be a matter of life and death, and you need Medical equipment caster wheelss that you know will never let you down.

Additionally, Medical equipment caster wheelss used in medical facilities may come into contact with hazardous materials, and chemicals in particular. You’re therefore going to want to purchase Medical equipment caster wheelss that will not fail should they be used in places where hazardous substances are likely to be encountered.

You also need to keep two other key factors in mind – floor marking and quiet rolling. It is important that floors are kept clean to help prevent contamination and the possibility of trip or slip hazards. It’s also important that the Medical equipment caster wheelss you select for use with your medical equipment have non-floor-marking properties. You should be fine if you use Medical equipment caster wheelss where the wheels are manufactured from rubber, nylon, polypropylene or urethane.

Be Sure to Select ‘Quiet’ Medical equipment caster wheelss
Medical facilities can be noisy at times, but there are just as many occasions when peace and quiet is an absolute essential requirement. That’s why you should make sure you select quiet rolling Medical equipment caster wheelss.

Here we list a few of the manufacturers and Medical equipment caster wheelss that the team at Douglas Equipment can supply you with that we know are perfectly suited for a wide array of medical equipment.

The Z Series Composite Institutional Series from Shepherd Medical equipment caster wheelss
For all institutional uses, we cannot recommend the Shepherd Z Series Composite Institutional Series highly enough.The Z Series Medical equipment caster wheels comes in three basic models – threaded stem, grip ring stem and swivel top plate. All three-model types come with the option of total locks to prevent movement, and the swivel top plate model comes with a directional lock for when you want to turn your swivel Medical equipment caster wheels into a rigid one.

All models feature a dual ball bearing raceway with a labyrinth seal that’s designed to keep out both moisture and debris – crucial when it comes to medical environments.This Medical equipment caster wheels also looks the part – sleekly designed with lashings of style. It’s constructed using a glass-filled nylon body, making it strong and durable.

You have a range of dynamic loads between 260 and 300 lbs., depending upon the dimensions of the wheel you choose. The wheel itself is manufactured from thermoplastic rubber (TPR) for rolling ease that’s combined with durability.These Medical equipment caster wheelss can be used effectively with other applications, such as computer carts, utility carts, store fixtures and food service equipment.

The Contour Solis Specialty Medical Medical equipment caster wheels from Colson Medical equipment caster wheelss
We really enjoy being able to offers Colson Medical equipment caster wheelss to our customers at Douglas Equipment. We know that Colson is an exceptional supplier of Medical equipment caster wheelss, and we never have any hesitation in recommending them to our growing number of customers.

The Contour Solis Specialty Medical Medical equipment caster wheels offers functionality, reliability and quiet operation – all key factors when it comes to any type of medical facility. It comes manufactured with a precision axle that’s built to the exact tolerance needed for extended life and smooth, reliable operation. This model’s precision bearings help reduce the need for maintenance and offer improved maneuverability.

They look great as well – the aluminum shell hides all the inner workings and helps keep out debris and corrosive elements. It also comes with a standard foot brake. The brake is easy to engage and when placed in position it locks both the rotation of the wheel and the swivel of the Medical equipment caster wheels.

These Medical equipment caster wheelss come with wheels made from grey polyurethane and can be used for medical and diagnostic equipment, computer equipment, and other types of electronic equipment.

The 399 Medical Equipment Medical equipment caster wheels from Rhombus
Rhombus thoroughly understands the importance of medical Medical equipment caster wheelss. They manufacture all their Medical equipment caster wheelss to fill three vital components of medical Medical equipment caster wheels manufacturing – long product life, significant load-bearing capacity and quiet operation.

We’re pleased to be able to provide a wide range of Rhombus Medical equipment caster wheelss to our clients here at Douglas Equipment, and for medical applications we feel that you cannot go wrong with their 399 model. This is a centrally lockable castor that’s made of high grade materials and comes complete with a fully-integrated wheel lock. This Medical equipment caster wheels is extremely hygiene-friendly, and is resistant against most corrosive materials, including oils and chemicals.

As aesthetics are important in some medical facilities, the 399 comes in a range of colors. It’s manufactured using an aluminum die-cast housing, with sealed precision bearings in the fork head, and with the brake contour adapted to the wheel. This Medical equipment caster wheels has a maximum load capacity of 330 pounds.

Douglas Equipment: The Best Advice Concerning Medical Medical equipment caster wheelss
Here at Douglas Equipment, we are very proud to be able to provide the best Medical equipment caster wheelss that the caste manufacturing world has to offer. As in all walks of life, it’s important that you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing the most suited Medical equipment caster wheelss for your needs. This is especially crucial if you are intending to make a bulk purchase of Medical equipment caster wheelss, as we recommend you do in order to save money in the long run.

That’s why we’re always on hand to offer you pertinent and important advice. Work with us and we’ll make sure that you make the most cost effective decision for your business.



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