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Scaffold tower caster

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Name:Scaffold tower caster,Nylon Casters for scaffolding
Material: PU,Polyamide
Size available: 125mm x 40mm ; 200mm x 50mm
Loading Capacity:200kg-300kg
Solid Stem Size: 34.5mm x 70mm Long
Widely used as scaffold rack casters wheels,Scaffolding tower casters,scaffold caster wheels
We can make the stem size according to client”s size

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Stem Height Loading
SCFD6-5 125 x 40 PA + PU Plain 34.5 x 70 156.5 200 kg
SCFD6-8 200 x 50 PA + PU Plain 34.5 x 70 241 300 kg


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1 review for Scaffold tower caster

  1. admin

    What size wheels are for scaffolding?
    Image result for scaffold caster wheel
    Five inch wheels are generally for use with Light Duty Scaffolds(225kg SWL) and eight inch wheels are generally for use with Medium Duty Scaffolding (450kg SWL).

    What is castor in scaffolding?
    With scaffolding castors you make commercially available scaffolds mobile. The castors are simply inserted into the tube of the static scaffold and make it mobile and safe at the same time. With the scaffold castors, larger and smaller scaffolds can be converted or retrofitted at low cost.

    What is a caster wheel used for?
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    A caster is an assembly that includes a wheel and a mount. Casters support and make it easy to maneuver carts, racks, dollies and other equipment. Casters come in different materials, wheel diameters, tread widths, load ratings and overall heights to give your equipment mobility in many kinds of work environment.

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