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Shock Absorbing AGV Casters



Shock Absorbing AGV Casters
Wheel Size:Ø100mm
Double Ball Bearing
Hardness: 95 Shore A
Work Temperature:-20~70 centi-degree

Why Choose our Shock Absorbing AGV Casters

1. Our AGV caster wheels are durable

Most of casters on the market serve industrial products. The use of these wheels is based on people’s actions. Ordinary people work 8 hours at a speed no more than 1.4m/s. They also need to rest. The casters do not need work all the time. The AGV does not rely on human actions, it is 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work, and the speed is 3-4m/s, so the use loss of the AGV wheel is much higher than that of the commom caster.

Maybe the service life of normal casters is 3 years, but it can only be used for 3 months on AGV. Therefore, the life of common casters wheels cannot be used to evaluate the life of AGV caster wheels.

2.Our AGV casters are Shock absorbing and stability

The floor of the workshop cannot be completely flat. Traditional casters are pushed or pulled by people. Once there are pits , people can push them; however, AGVs are highly automated equipment. No one is watching and holding them . In the small pit, if the wheels of the AGV trolley are not on the same plane, it is easy to slip.

We suggests that you can choose casters with a plane bearing structure design. Through this design, you can effectively bear the pressure of rotation, cushioning and ensuring the stability of the AGV. If the AGV wheel with plane bearing structure is still prone to slipping, We recommends purchasing casters with “spring damping” to ensure that the follower wheel and the drive wheel are on the same plane.

3.Our AGV casters are Flexibility

The power of the AGV car is highly dependent on the driving wheel, and the flexibility of the follower wheel affects the driving wheel power system. Especially when the AGV trolley moves forward, directly retreats or turns left and right, the flow of the auxiliary wheels is not good, the AGV is prone to yaw, causing problems in movement, and even causing the transported goods to fall.

The flexibility of the AGV driving wheel is determined by two aspects.

The first is the flexibility of the wheel itself. Not only does the wheel rotate 360° without obstacles

The second is bracket can rotate, it must also be 360° flexible without obstacles.

It is also because of the uniqueness of AGV follow-up wheels (AGV casters) that it is difficult to directly use AGV trolleys with regular casters on the market. Therefore, We suggests that you can choose to customize the exclusive AGV caster wheels to meet your needs.


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Series GASD, AGV castors shockabsorbing

Series GASD, AGV castors shockabsorbing
Series GASD, AGV castors shockabsorbing
Technical specifications AGV castor wheel
Wheels – Cast polyurethane 95 Shore A, steel centre with ball bearings.
Bracket – Welded steel, forged steel plate, zinc plated, double thrust bearing in the swivel head, grease nipple.

AGVs are usually equipped with 4 castors, one of which is often not in contact with the floor. AGVs lose their balance if one castor which has not been in contact with the floor suddenly touches the floor. Therefore, AGVs deviate from their regular position, which generates an abrupt stop. The AGV castor wheel series GASD is the best solution to remove the deviation situation, because it can absorb even repeated fine shocks generated during movement on an uneven floor. Due to the special rubber used in the AGV castor GASD, the spring deflection is 10mm. Because of the equalizers deflection the AGV will always run in contact with the floor which reduces the possibility of abrupt stops during a change in direction significantly.

Highly suitable for AGV applications with uneven floors.


If you’re in the caster biz, you know that 3.5-inch to 5-inch-diameter industrial casters are industry standard. Like Honda Civics, they’re everywhere. When they fail, you can swap in new casters and keep the same hardware. But what about industrial casters that can’t fail—like ones that are mission critical for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)? Regular industry-standard casters just don’t have the chops to take a licking and keep on ticking and ticking.

Well, thanks to Hamilton’s all-new Endurance series, there’s now an industry-standard-sized caster for that. With a maximum load rating of 1,000 pounds per caster, Endurance features the highest rated industrial caster with the same critical dimensions as the industry’s highest volume product class. It’s also the first and only industrial caster series designed with forged kingpinless construction and heat-treated raceways in such a small form factor.

In other words, Endurance looks industry-standard but performs above-and-beyond. Our engineering pros picked the most common caster size on the market and matched its spec, height and offset with one tough-as-nails design. Endurance’s forged steel construction is perfect for applications that require 24/7 operations and/or are too critical to fail. With 3 ½-inch, 4-inch and 5-inch diameter options, the Endurance Series is offered in both single wheel, dual wheel and stainless steel versions. Want even more stability and higher capacity without taking up a lot of room? Select the Endurance dual wheel models.

Endurance’s only dimensional difference lies in its wheel width and leg thickness. To achieve a higher load rating and durability, Endurance features two-inch-wide wheels and 1/4-inch-thick legs (other brands have 1 1/4-inch-wide wheels). You’ll pay a little more up front for its premium construction and ultra-rugged design—then reap the savings in the long run while it runs and runs without breaking a sweat. Endurance is intentionally designed and over-engineered for applications where replacement is cost-prohibitive.

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