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Stainless Caster Wheel

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Wheel Material:TPA,PU,TPU
Size:3” x 28mm ; 4” x 30mm ; 5” x 30mm
Loading Capacity:80kg-100kg
Bearing Type:Sleeve / Plastic
Type Optional: Rigid,Plate Swivel,Thread Swivel,Stem Swivel,Scaffolding Round Stem,Bolt Hole

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount Height Bolt Hole Thread Stem Loading
S54TB-3 75 x 28 PU Plastic 95 x 67 73 x 45 118 12 M12 x 25 23.5 80 kg
S54TB-4 100 x 30 PU Plastic 95 x 67 73 x 45 138 12 M12 x 25 23.5 90 kg
S54TB-5 125 x 30 PU Plastic 95 x 67 73 x 45 165 12 M12 x 25 23.5 100 kg


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1 review for Stainless Caster Wheel

  1. admin

    Why do shopping carts have negative caster?
    The casters are NEGATIVE because the wheel centerline is behind the attachment point of the swivel. The “forks” are curved backward. Compare this to a motorcycle where the front wheel sits forward of the point where the forks attach to the frame.

    What is a cart caster?
    Image result for shopping cart caster
    A caster is an assembly that includes a wheel and a mount. Casters support and make it easy to maneuver carts, racks, dollies and other equipment. Casters come in different materials, wheel diameters, tread widths, load ratings and overall heights to give your equipment mobility in many kinds of work environment.

    What are the wheels on the shopping cart?
    Image result for shopping cart caster
    The majority of retail carts utilize a 5 inch diameter wheel. A polyurethane (Poly) tread is the standard for most new carts. The TPE wheel has a slightly softer rubber like tread. The Compound, Anti-Static and Friction wheels are designed for specific needs.

    What are the parts of a shopping cart called?
    Retail Shopping Cart Parts and Accessories
    Shopping Cart Wheels & Casters. The majority of retail carts utilize a 5 inch diameter wheel. …
    Material Handling Wheels & Casters. Most wheel orders are experiencing a couple of weeks delay from the manufacturer. …
    Child Safety. Standard Belt. …
    Cart Handles. …
    Cart Leg Hole Closures.

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