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Stainless casters hollow kingpin

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Stainless casters hollow kingpin
Material: Full SUS 304
Size:Ø75 x 32mm ; Ø100 x 32mm ; Ø125 x 32mm
Load Capacity: 80kg,100kg,130kg
Bearing: Double Ball Bearing

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Bolt Hole Height Loading
FSSBSB-3 75 x 32 SUS 304 SS Bearing 12.5 113 80 kg
FSSBSB-4 100 x 32 SUS 304 SS Bearing 12.5 137 110 kg
FSSBSB-5 125 x 32 SUS 304 SS Bearing 12.5 164 130 kg


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1 review for Stainless casters hollow kingpin

  1. killy

    What are the two types of stainless steel casters?
    Image result for stainless caster
    When considering maneuverability, there are two basic kinds of caster: rigid casters and swivel casters.
    A rigid caster, also known as a fixed caster, is only able to roll forward and backward.
    A swivel caster has a raceway that allows the wheel to turn.

    What type of stainless steel casters are best?
    Soft casters are best for hard surfaces, like tiles, hardwood, and laminate. Meanwhile, hard casters suit softer floor surfaces. As such, for carpeted flooring, the best option to go with is hard tread casters. Hard casters require less force to roll and move around.

    What is the function of stainless steel caster?
    Caster causes a wheel to align with the direction of travel, and can be accomplished either by caster displacement or caster angle. Caster displacement moves the steering axis ahead of the axis of wheel rotation, as with the front wheels of a shopping cart. Caster angle moves the steering axis from vertical.

    What is the difference between a wheel and a stainless steel caster?
    The wheel is limited in that it only spins on a single axis. It can only roll in one direction at a time. Casters incorporate wheels into their designs, but they are a bit more sophisticated. A caster includes the mounting system that holds the wheel in place.

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