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Factory Sale Swivel twin wheels caster

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Product Name:Factory Sale Swivel twin wheels caster

Swivel twin wheels caster,Dual wheel caster
Material:PP core with TPR wheel
Wheel Size:50mm x 20mm ; 75mm x 25mm
Bearing: Ball Bearing
Model available:Swivel plate,Thread stem,Bolt hole,Can match brake
Purpose:Furniture caster wheels,twin wheels trolley caster wheels,Cabinet caster wheels
Cart caster wheels,and other machine or equipment caster wheels

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount Height Hole Dia Loading
M58SP-2 50 x 20 PP + TPR Ball Bearing 60 x 60 43 x 43 71 13 x 6.3 90 kg
M58SP-3 75 x 25 PP + TPR Ball Bearing 77 x 67 55 x 48 103 16 x 8.5 150 kg



2 reviews for Factory Sale Swivel twin wheels caster

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    Factory Sale Swivel twin wheels caster

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