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The Low Cost Shock Absorbing Casters for Sale

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Name:Shock absorber casters,Shock absorbing castors
Wheel Material:Rubber
Size:5” x 50mm ; 6” x 50mm ; 8” x 50mm
Loading Capacity:350kg ~ 450kg
Bearing Type:Dual Ball Bearing
Type Optional: Rigid,Plate Swivel
Purpose:used on some special equipment which need resistance shocking.

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount Height Hole Dia


SAR-5 125 x 50 Rubber Ball Bearing 168 x 120 130 x 75 213 14.5

350 kg

SAR-6 150 x 50 Rubber Ball Bearing 168 x 120 130 x 75 225 14.5

400 kg

SAR-8 200 x 50 Rubber Ball Bearing 168 x 120 130 x 75 270 14.5

450 kg


Shock Absorbing Casters
Shock Absorbing Casters Overview

Shock Absorbing Casters are Spring Loaded and designed to absorb shocks and minimize the impact to the cart, resulting in smoother movement, reduced risk of damage and less noise. Shock absorbing casters are ideal for applications where surfaces are not even or flooring has damage or debris. They are also great for applications where the load may be fragile or highly reactive to vibration, such as small parts or glass.

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However, to achieve these benefits the shock absorbing casters must have the right springs to achieve optimal spring deflection. There is a science to determining proper deflection, the wrong shock absorbing caster can actually do more harm than good. If the spring constant is too high, it could essentially be the same as not having a spring at all. If the spring constant is too low, it could extend the impact of the shock, and continue to vibrate excessively. Rest assured, our engineers are experts in the science of determining the right spring and caster combination for each individual application.

We offer a large variety of Spring Loaded Shock Absorbing Casters including,

The Shock Absorbing Casters series represents one ot the most popular mounting plates in the industrial world. We are pleased to offer a shock absorbing caster series with the same popular size. The unique and simple design enables HuanXin to offer these problem solvers at extremely competitive prices.

Spring loaded casters offer many benefits. These include protecting delicate cargo from shock and vibration, reducing noise levels, reducing wear on floors and extending caster, wheel and bearing life.

The legs are slotted such that the axle “floats” up and down as the wheel encounters obstacles. Since the spring is pre-loaded, the minimum capacity is required to cause the spring to yield. (A load under the minimum capacity may not result in any absorption of shock.)

At the maximum capacity, the spring will have compressed approximately one-half of its length. Overloading a shock-absorbing caster will cause the axle to reach its travel limit, resulting in no shock absorbing benefit.

These casters can be easily modified to accommodate many custom specification requirements. Our engineering department will assist you if you have special application issues.


Shock-absorbing plate casters have spring-loaded suspensions that absorb shocks and vibration when rolling over obstacles or rough terrain. They help prevent damage to the equipment the casters are attached to as well as any shock- or vibration-sensitive cargo that is being transported on it. Each caster’s suspension can be adjusted to achieve the smoothest ride possible for a given application. Shock-absorbing plate casters have a mounting plate that attaches to the bottom of carts and other equipment to allow them to roll, reducing the effort it takes to move or reposition the equipment. The casters are available in swivel and rigid versions. The swivel casters can rotate 360°, allowing equipment to change directions while rolling. The rigid casters roll in a straight line. Two rigid plate casters will often be paired with two swivel casters to allow the equipment to both maneuver around curves and obstacles and maintain a straight course while rolling.


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    The Low Cost Shock Absorbing Casters for Sale

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