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Drive force between Different Central locking casters lock stem and lock cam degree

Central locking casters widely used on medical bed and other hospital equipment. Today xinchen casters introduce the difference feature of difference lock stem and lock cam.

According to the size of stem,there mostly have 2 standard size which all medical casters manufacturer follow. That is Ø32mm x 50mm L stem, and Ø28 x 95mm L stem
According to lock cam degree,there have 2 popular type,30 degree and 45 degree.


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As usual the Ø32mm x 50mm lock stem is easier than Ø28 x 95mm lock stem,as shorter stem need less force to operate central lock cam.
Base on same lock stem size,45 degree lock cam is easier operate than 30 degree lock cam as 45 degree lock cam need less force to move
So if just consider lock cam operate force.
Ø28 stem + 30o cam >Ø28 stem+ 45o cam > Ø32 stem + 30o cam > Ø32 stem x 45o cam
As we know One bed will have 4 pc casters. How to match central locking casters? Please visit Central locking casters lock selection


single wheels central locking casters
single wheels central locking casters

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