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Excellent performance and application field of spring shock absorber casters

Excellent performance and application field of spring shock absorber casters

Shock absorber casters are generally used more widely in the automobile industry, its main requirement is that the wheel has good rotational performance and force performance, in order to prevent its damage due to vibration in the process of work.

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Shock Absorber Casters

Shock absorber castor bracket features:

The bracket adopts automatic carbon dioxide protection welding technology, high strength, impact resistance, environmental protection galvanized treatment, salt spray test has reached the national standard; In the welding strength according to the European and national standards of destructive and torsion test and hydrochloric acid melting point test, can fully meet the prescribed standards.

Shock absorption caster single wheel features:

The MATERIAL IS high elastic polyurethane, can be used indoors and outdoors, the wheel surface is slightly circular arc, pushing flexible and light. Polyurethane material toughness, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, adhesion fastness, no degumming, no cracking, wear resistance, pressure resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic, protect the floor, no marks, no staining.


Product Advantages:

1. Easy start.

Castor spring shock absorbing wheel is made of high quality iron core covered polyurethane wheel, which has good toughness, elasticity and wear resistance. When installed on the equipment truck, the starting power is small (such as 6 inch shock absorbing caster, when the single wheel load is 200kg, the starting power is 3.6kg force).

2. High speed driving.

Industrial caster universal wheel wheel bearings with double tapered roller bearings, in the process of high-speed traction can better prevent wheel sloshing, greatly reduce the noise, for the production workshop to provide a quiet production environment.


3. Sealing dustproof and anti-entanglement performance.

The shock-proof spring of the shock-proof wheel is completely sealed and has good dustproof and anti-entanglement, which is suitable for different choices and requirements.

4.shock performance.

Spring casters choose high quality shock resistant spring, the use of large track diameter bead disk, and the bottom plate, bead disk after heat treatment, can greatly improve the hardness and toughness of the bead disk, make the bead disk rotation more flexible and easy, greatly improve the mechanical performance, avoid the wheel on the concave and convex ground by vibration damage.

.Scope of use:

Kitchen equipment, mechanical equipment, heavy field operation platform, material handling truck, heavy frame, heavy storage equipment, heavy tool truck, etc.

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