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Hospital bed casters with central locking&Tips to prolong the service life

Hospital bed casters with central locking

In order to meet the requirements of the hospital, the central locking casters has the characteristics of light operation, flexible steering, special ultra-quiet, wear-resistant, anti-winding and chemical corrosion resistance.

The casters are equipped with rotating wheels with central lock, full lock or directional lock, which are suitable for medical equipment. At the same time, the caster is designed as a silent caster, which reduces the noise generated during the pushing process and affects the patient’s rest.

We can fix one or two direction lock casters on bed so when on direction position the bed can move in straight line. At the same time, the medical central control caster only have small vibration when moving, and can also be fixed and secured on bed by fixing bolt easy.

In generally the medical central control casters mostly use single wheel or double wheels design, which can be controlled at 360 degrees without blind spots. The main frame universal steering house adopts high quality precision ball bearings to enhance the flexible turning of the central control casters.

For the lock system, we use direct press contact brake on single wheel central locking casters, And adopt Gear lock on twin wheels central lock casters which is much more easy & less force than single wheel locking design.

The caster material It mainly use PA Hub and German Origin polyurethane materials wheels. Which is wear-resistant, impact-resistant and heavy-loaded, so as to prolong the use time.

Double wheels central locking casters
Double wheels central locking casters
Twin wheels central locking casters
Twin wheels central locking casters
Central locking caster wheels
Central locking caster wheels
Single wheel central brake casters
Single wheel central brake casters








Tips to prolong the service life of Hospital bed casters with central locking

1、 Avoid Overload

When using the casters, the user shall recognize the bearing weight of the caster and the supporting products, and select the proper loaded caster for use.Likely heavy duty casters,medium casters or light duty casters
Estimate the weight of the load in advance before use, and select casters and the supporting products of casters to bear more than 1.5 times of the load.
2、 Choose different materials castors for different work condition
Different materials have different physical and chemical properties. Different materials of casters require different environments, of course, the service life of casters will be different.
When using casters, users should know the proper place to use them to avoid unnecessary losses caused by misuse.
3、 Maintenance casters timely
Users should regularly maintain the running parts of casters. The maintenance is divided into three aspects: adding lubricating oil, removing the twines at the running parts and anti-corrosion
1. Regularly add lubricating oil to the running parts of the turning ball house cup of the caster and the bearing of the wheel.
2. Regularly clean the winding wire or thread head around the running part of the support steel ball of the caster and the mounting part of the wheel bearing
3. Most caster brackets are made of steel, so anti rust is very important for the service life of caster. To prevent caster brackets from rusting, anti rust paint and oil can be applied regularly.

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Different condition need different wheels

Usually we need use different casters and wheels due to different work condition. Here are a few typical cases where special casters wheels are used.

1. Acid grease and corrosive chemicals: Choose PU wheel,Phenolic wheel or PP wheel.

2.High or low temperature: Use temperature resistance polyamide wheel,or iron wheels,need use special temperature resistance lubricant or do not use bearings.

3.Rubber wheels can not accessible to corrosive items.

4.On bread houses or food factory: The trolleys need to be cleaned frequently,then need choose nickel plated,or stainless steel casters.

5.Stainless steel casters used on high cleaning frequency or in humid environment

6.In textile factories,laundries,hair salon and other places,choose the anti-wrapped casters to prevent some filaments, wires, fragments and other items from being wrapped around the casters.

7.For office supplies,heavy equipment such as copiers,CNC machine which require lower height, choose low profile casters wheels.

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