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How to choose casters wheels?

How to choose casters wheels?

The use of industrial caster universal wheel is to reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency. According to the mode of application, conditions and requirements (convenience, labor saving, durability) correctly choose the caster suitable for your use. Consider the following:

I. Bearing weight:

(1) Load weight calculation QQ screenshot 20210804141600.jpg

T= the weight of each caster

E= weight of the vehicle

Z is equal to the weight of the moving object

M= the effective load of the wheel (the factors of position and weight distribution should be considered)


(2) The effective bearing quantity of wheels (M) is shown as follows:


(3) The bearing weight should be calculated according to the bearing weight of the casters at the maximum support point. The concrete force support point of casters is shown in the figure below, and P2 is the heaviest support point.



(1) In order to make the castor flexible, durable and easy to move, its rotating parts (such as the rotation of the tripper and the rolling of the wheel) should be made of materials with small coefficient of friction (such as ball bearings) or accessories after special process (such as quenching).

(2) The greater the eccentricity of the tripod, the more flexible the steering is, but the bearing capacity decreases accordingly.

(3) The larger the diameter of the wheel, the less effort it has to push, and the better it can protect the ground. Large wheels turn more slowly than small wheels, not easy to heat and deformation, more durable. Choose as large a diameter wheel as mounting height permits.

3. moving speed:

Caster speed requirements: under normal temperature environment, on flat ground, not higher than the walking speed of 4KM/H, and have a certain stop working state.

4. the use of environment:

The selection should consider the ground materials, obstacles, residues or special environment (such as iron filings, high temperature, low temperature, acid, alkaline oil and chemical solvents and anti-static requirements of the place). Casters made of special materials should be selected for use in special environments.

5. installation precautions:

Flat top: The installation surface must be flat, hard and not loose.

Orientation: The wheels must be in the same direction and parallel.

Wire opening: must be equipped with spring gasket to prevent loosening.

6. wheel material performance characteristics:


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