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How to distinguish the quality of casters & How to maintain stainless steel casters

1. From the perspective of the appearance of the bracket of the caster wheels, the surface of the steel bracket of the caster is beautiful, without burrs, and the thickness must be uniform, thus ensuring the quality of the load

2. The bracket of the caster wheel is galvanized: in order to prevent rust, the bracket is generally galvanized. Check that the galvanization of the caster bracket should be uniform and shiny

3. Welding of the caster bracket: the welding of the steel plate should be smooth, and there should be no missing welding, leaking points, etc.

4. Check the appearance of the wheel: smooth surface, no damage, uniform color, no obvious color difference

5. Check the overall effect of the casters: when the universal wheel rotates, every ball should be turned, and the contact force of the board surface should be even, the rotation should be flexible, and there should be no obvious pause.

6. Check the quality of the caster bearings: there should be no obvious jump when the wheel rotates.

Casters belong to the general accessories category of hardware. With the continuous development of industry, more and more equipment needs to be moved. In order to improve the function and utilization rate, casters have become indispensable parts and are widely used in factory turnover carts and logistics carts. , Various tooling vehicles, computer equipment, medical equipment, ship terminal handling equipment, etc.

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The obvious advantage of stainless steel casters is that stainless steel can be washed with water, which is also related to its own corrosion resistance. The stainless steel casters of industrial caster manufacturers will be polished to keep the surface bright for a long time.

Furthermore, if stainless steel casters are used, it can reduce the consumption of the product. At the same time, the casters can be more stable during use. For casters with the same specifications and conditions, the load capacity of stainless steel casters is also significantly improved.

Huanxin Caster Factory talks about the maintenance methods of stainless steel casters.


1. The relatively simple maintenance methods are: you can use anti-rust maintenance agent to maintain. It can reduce dust and rust on the surface of casters or other impurities that promote rust.

2. Frequent cleaning of stainless steel casters. Of course, it is better not to wash with too much water. After cleaning, you must prevent the ventilated and dry place from drying. It is better to wipe with a dry cloth. If there is less dust, you can wipe it directly with a dry cloth.

3. The caster has a certain bearing capacity, and the goods to be prevented should not exceed its bearing capacity, which will reduce its service life.

4. You can often apply some lubricating oil to make it roll better.

5. If it is a swivel caster with a thread stem, make sure that the installation hole of the device is not bent and is tightly connected with the thread stem stainless steel casters.

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