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How to prolong the service life of universal wheel?

How to prolong the service life of universal caster wheel

Correct use of industrial caster universal wheel is the reason of universal wheel life increase.

The reasonable use method can make the caster’s service life extended by more than 20 percent.

If you do the following, you can save a fifth or more of your costs. And the cost reduction, corresponding to the increase in profits!

Bolt Hole Shopping Cart Wheels

Bolt hole shopping cart wheels

Precautions for the use of industrial universal wheel:

1. Casters must be installed in the position specified by the manufacturer.

2. The castor bracket installed must have sufficient strength and meet the bearing weight when used.

3, the function of casters can not be changed, and is not affected by the installation device.

4. The caster center shaft must always be perpendicular to the ground.

5. The fixed casters must be in a straight line with their axles.

6. If only rotating casters are used, they must be installed in the same direction.

7. If the fixed casters are used with the rotating casters, all casters must be compatible with each other and must be used as recommended by the manufacturer.

Bake Oven Caster Wheels

Bake oven caster wheels

Universal wheel maintenance method:

1. Detect the visible wear degree of tire tread. The tire tread “flattening point” can indicate the accumulation of foreign matter, such as wire and other debris may wind around the wheel, remove the bolts and nuts on the wheel, clean debris. Check whether the wheel bearing is damaged, if the parts are not damaged, they can be reassembled to continue to use. If the wheel is often tangled by debris, it is recommended to install anti-winding cover to avoid it.

2, universal wheel castor loose or wheel stuck can also cause “grinding point”, appropriate maintenance inspection, especially to check the tightness of bolts, lubricating oil, replace the damaged castor can enhance the rolling performance and rotation flexibility of equipment.

3, rubber tire serious damage or lax may lead to rolling instability, air leakage, abnormal load and floor damage and so on, timely replacement of damaged tires and bearings can reduce the cost loss due to castor damage caused by downtime.

4. After checking and repairing the wheel, determine whether the bolts and nuts are tightened, and use anti-loose washers or anti-loose nuts on all bolts as far as possible. If the bolts are loose, tighten them immediately. If the wheel mounted in the bracket is loose, the wheel will be damaged or will not turn.

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