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Huanxin: What Does It Mean For The Hospital Bed Caster?

Huanxin: What Does It Mean For The Hospital Bed Caster?

hospital bed is a special bed that’s designed to be used by hospitalized patients and others who need some type of medical care. These beds are designed to be comfortable and safe for patients and health care workers. Some people may be more concerned about features such as adjustable height of the entire bed, head and feet, side rails and electronic buttons that can operate the bed and any other electronic devices nearby. caster is an ordinary part that can cause discomfort or inconvenience to patients.

Hospital Bed Castors/ Medical Caster Manufacturer in China

To allow the object to move, a caster or casting is attached to the bottom end of a larger object (the vehicle). These casters are available in a variety of sizes and can be made from rubber, plastic or nylon.

Hospital bed casters can be more than just wheels that move. Casters should be durable, maneuverable, and easy to maintain. They must meet all technical requirements and dimensions. DIN EN 12531 :1998 specifies all standards. Huanxin Tech has a variety of Huanxin, that can be used to design casters with an elastomeric tread, that passes the EN 12531 & EN 12527 tests.

Three tests are used to determine the right choice and material performance of Huanxin: static, dynamic, and fatigue testing for locking/braking devices.

Static Test – This is the test where the caster is placed under a specific load without any permanent deformation. To pass the test, the Huanxins must be compressed. The higher the rubber content in the formulation, the better Huanxins will perform.

Dynamic Test – This is when the caster runs the caster at a set speed (4 km/h) under a load and hits obstacles. The tread hardness determines whether the obstacle’s height is 2.5% or 5.5% of the wheel’s diameter. Huanxins are capable of enduring 1000 times obstacles impact without permanent deformation. A 150mm diameter wheel can be turned 30,000 times under a load of 150kg. Because of their exceptional impact resistance and wear resistance, Huanxins are extremely durable.

Huanxin TPEs have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of hospital bed casters. They are also resistant to steam and water, so they don’t rust like polyurethane wheels.

Please refer to this link for more information on the Huanxin TPEs medical casters.

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