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On the selection of casters (wheels)

On the selection of casters wheels

1. Wheel materials: wheel materials used in clean workshop are generally nylon, polyurethane, super artificial glue (usually not ordinary rubber wheels, especially black ones, friction with the ground, easy to fade). Nylon is the hardest of the three materials, which saves the most effort to push up, but it is loud and may hurt the floor; Super rubber (the so-called silent wheel) is the softest. It makes no noise and does not hurt the floor, but it is relatively laborious. Polyurethane is in between the two, so the general selection of polyurethane material is more, soft and hard.


2 castor bracket material: bracket is generally used in carbon steel galvanized, stainless steel bracket cost is high, can be selected according to the use of environment, requirements, we generally recommend the use of stainless steel bracket.


3. The color of casters: nylon has milky white, gray, blue, and milky white is used more; Polyurethane has sauce red, gray, black, generally choose sauce red, gray more; Super artificial glue is usually only gray.


4. Castor bearings: ball bearings, needle rollers, engineering plastic bearings, light castor (each castor bearing less than 150kg) generally using ball bearings, the most labor-saving push; Needle roller (column) bearings are generally suitable for heavy casters, with strong bearing capacity, but high friction force and relatively difficult to push up; Plastic bearings (sleeves) are generally used with stainless steel brackets, corrosion resistant, flushable, but compared with ball bearings, the clearance is larger, more laborious.

5. Caster brake: there are side brake, tread brake, full brake, the side brake is installed in the middle of the side of the wheel; The tread brake and the full brake are mounted on the upper part of the wheel; Side brake and tread brake can only brake the radial rotation of the wheel, the bracket can also rotate; Full brake (also called double brake), one foot down, the wheel radial, bracket steering brake at the same time. The general tread brake is more commonly used, but we suggest that since you want to bring the brake, simply use the full brake effect is better.


The above is the selection of some basic knowledge of the universal wheel, of course, castor material, color and many, according to different use needs can have a variety of different collocation.

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