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Points for attention when using caster wheel

Points for attention when using caster wheel

1. Precautions when using casters
Please do not modify, paint, dissolve the product at will, the company will not take all responsibility for any consequences caused by the transformation.

(1) Setting conditions

◆ Avoid carrying load exceeding the wheel load.
◆ Avoid giving any impact (such as falling from the height of the drop, vibration, forklift truck impact).
◆ Avoid the use of cars, tractor trailers to pull.
◆ Avoid casters used for purposes other than the original purpose, or he unloaded down, installed on other equipment.
◆ Avoid the weight biased to one side when carrying.
◆ For the fixed wheel, avoid imposing and fixed wheel rotation direction is not consistent with the mandatory force.
◆ Avoid using on uneven and sharp ground.
◆ Avoid placing in places with radioactive heat such as furnaces

(2) Brake device

◆ Tread the brake lever fully with your shoed foot.
◆ Casters in the brake state, do not push at will.
◆ Please avoid trampling on the brake control device too hard, and avoid beating with hammer, and other hard objects.
◆ Do not place on the slope under the condition of brake. If you have special needs, please use other means such as Cheng Lun block.
◆ Do not operate the brake lever while walking.
◆ Please confirm that the brake is lifted before moving.

2, inspection, maintenance and exchange

(1) In order to prevent accidents and after long-term use, please carry out regular inspection and maintenance.
② Usually please check the installation of the universal wheel and axle is loose, casters are not damaged, cracked, deformation. Verify that the rotation axis of the wheel is tightened. If the joint of the wheel part is loose, please replace it immediately if it is abnormal.
③ When the product occurs aging, damage and other poor use of the situation, please immediately replace. (Avoid only partial replacement of casters)
(4) If foreign matter is involved in the rotation part of the bottom plate and the wheel part, please remove it immediately, otherwise it will cause bad rotation.

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