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The choice of casters should consider their flexibility

The choice of casters should consider their flexibility

The application of castor can reduce the labor intensity, improve the work efficiency, choose the right castor products can get twice the result with half the effort. Generally speaking, castor of choose and buy everybody can consider bearing, use specific occasion, at the same time everybody does not forget to consider flexibility problem.

(1) Casters should be flexible, easy and durable, and their rotating parts (castor rotation, wheel rolling) should be made of materials with small friction coefficient or accessories assembled after special processing (such as ball bearings or quenched treatment).

(2) The larger the eccentricity of the tripod, the more flexible, but the bearing weight decreases accordingly.

(3) The larger the diameter of the wheel, the less effort it has to push, and the better it can protect the ground. Large wheels turn more slowly than small wheels, not easy to heat and deformation, more durable. Choose as large a diameter wheel as mounting height permits.

In addition, a number of aspects to consider the choice of appropriate casters should also be reasonable use in order to make it play a role, casters on the moving speed or requirements, room temperature, spread on the ground mobile express should not be higher than 4km/h, and to let the casters have a “rest” time.

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