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The difference between conducting electricity and antistatic electricity

The difference between conducting electricity and antistatic electricity

When the surface resistance value is greater than 10 power, it is easy to produce static electricity; Between the power of 8-10 has a certain anti-static performance; Between the power of 6-8 has very good anti-static performance; It has the best antistatic performance between 4-6 power; When reaching the fourth power of the following has a considerable conductive properties, belonging to the conductor semiconductor materials.

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The prevention and control of static electricity add some hygroscopic effect and harmless (assistant) material, to reduce its surface resistance, this is antistatic agent, according to different materials choose different antistatic agent.

Both ionic and non-ionic are hygroscopic antistatic agents. After adding these additives, this kind of material absorbs the moisture in the air and reduces the surface resistance to achieve antistatic performance.

Application of conductive materials:

Can be used instead of metal as battery electrodes to obtain better corrosion resistance and complex structure; Conductive plastic batteries and plastic capacitors made of conductive plastic have been used in electronic computers and in cameras and video recorders to replace the heavier nickel-cadmium batteries.

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Conductive materials are used in the shell of electronic instruments and computers to absorb the energy of electromagnetic radiation, prevent electromagnetic interference, and dissipate accumulated charge to ensure the normal operation of instruments and computers.

For AUTOMOTIVE fuel transfer components, including fuel filters, hoses, funnels, boxes, door handles, brackets and fuel line clamps, etc., to prevent electrostatic buildup.

For COMMERCIAL equipment: such as paper feeder, plotter reel, mail conveyor internal parts, IC chip discs, transporters, chip bearer boxes, hard disk drive components, etc.

It is used in other industrial fields, such as floor protection and health care, combs and curlers.

Generally speaking, anti-static is to prevent electrostatic interference, conductive is the output of the generated static electricity.

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Take people as an example, we in life because of the friction of clothes and fabrics, the change of Yin and Yang electrodes, their own static electricity, this time if you contact is made of anti-static materials, the body of static electricity will always exist; If you touch something made of conductive material, the static electricity will be carried away and you will no longer be charged.

This is why when we open the door in winter, it is best to touch the metal key before touching the door, because the metal conducts electricity and will conduct the static electricity on our body, so that the stability of the car’s electrical components will not be affected.

Therefore, in the choice of conductive or anti-static materials to take into account the actual application environment, must not be used to the contrary, so as not to lead to a similar Kunshan dust explosion tragedy.


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