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When should spring loaded casters be used?

When should spring loaded casters be used?

Casters make it easier to transport equipment on racks or carts. They also make the journey much more efficient than if the equipment was moved by hand. Some payloads can be more sensitive than others, so extreme shocks could cause damage. A spring-loaded caster can reduce shock from certain equipment.

Stainless steel spring loaded casters wheels factory

Spring loaded casters are equipped with a spring to absorb shock and motion when transporting equipment on a rack or cart. The spring’s design deformity means that the cart’s surface will move with the cart’s motion. This will allow the payload to ride more smoothly on the cart’s surface. This allows for delicate payloads to experience slight up-and-down motions rather than the jolting or jarring caused by equipment being transported on casters.

Spring Loaded Casters: What are Some Tips?

The spring is the most important difference between spring-loaded casters and other models. The spring’s initial force is what will protect the spring, and the force that will cause it to stop deflecting and to give protection.

Huanxin Equipment’s expert team can help you answer these questions and ensure that you have a spring-loaded caster with the correct pre-loading with spring and the right operational force for your task. These are just a few models we recommend:

  •  Low Profile Shock Absorbing Casters: These casters were designed by Faultless to offer additional protection when moving sensitive payloads. They have been extensively tested for impact and vibration levels that could occur during transportation. The shock absorber mechanism protects the loads from the shock’s temporary excess. The standard finish on casters is corrosion-resistant black oxide, with the option of corrosion-resistant zinc. The wheels are made of glass-filled nylon and measure 1 13/16 inches wide by 3 inches in diameter. You can load up to 1600 pounds.
  •  Spring Loaded Casters These casters are ideal for aviation and automotive industries. They protect cargo from damage and vibration. This dual wheel caster was designed to meet the needs of the aviation ground support equipment market. The polyurethane spring design makes it durable and resistant to corrosion. Additionally, the spring material is solid and has no spring coil that can be blocked by debris. The attractive yellow Dichromate finish has a better resistance to corrosion than zinc plating and can support up to 1500 pounds. There are three sizes of wheels: 5″, 6″, and 8″. You have the option to choose from polyurethane on aluminium, high modulus gray, high modulus dark, and Xtra soft rubber flat tread or Xtra soft rubber round tread.
  • Series SP Spring Loaded Casters:Hamilton shock-absorbing casters are built using several proven and reliable swivel platforms. This allows for considerable flexibility in matching existing bolt patterns or to accommodate a particular capacity range. These casters have many benefits, including the ability to protect fragile cargo from vibration and shock, reduce noise levels, wear on floors, and extend caster, wheel, and bearing life. The caster’s legs are slotted so that the axle moves up and down when it encounters obstacles. Because the spring is preloaded, the spring will only yield to a minimum capacity. The caster’s capacity is 140 to 1630 pounds and the wheels are available in sizes 6-8, 10 and 12. Duralast, Plastex and Poly-Soft are all options for wheels.
  • Heavy Duty Spring-loaded Casters: A variety casters that have a spring-loaded mechanism. The most powerful is the Steel Heavy-Duty Casters. These casters come with a steel spring as well as a wheel with a polyurethane tire. These casters comply with RoHS and can support capacities between 800 and 2400 kg. The caster features a tough welded steel construction and a swivel bracket with an axially grooved, ball bearing for strength. The swivel head can be used to protect against splash and dust. It is fitted with a grease nible and bolted with a strong, welded king-pin. The steel spring mechanism is bolted to the wheel axle and the rugged hinged plate construction features a maintenance-free steel spring mechanism. It is zinc-plated and yellow passivated. The wheel diameters range from 160 to 300mm. If required, the caster can also include a direction lock brake and wheel brake.

Huanxin can access many models of spring-loaded casters, as you can see. We have access to many caster manufacturers so that we can provide a wide range of casters to meet the needs of all our customers. We will be able to locate the perfect caster for you.

Experts Help You Choose the Right Spring Loaded Caster

Some casters are not suitable for sensitive payloads. Not all caster distributors have the experience to help you choose the right caster. Huanxin is the best choice if you are looking for the right people to do the job. Since 1955, we have been manufacturing quality casters and material handling tools. Our service team has the expertise to help you find the perfect caster for your needs.

We are confident we can assist you in finding the right type of caster for your needs at an affordable price. Call us at 0086-15923214191  or send us email:

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