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Huanxin is Chinese Medical Caster wheels factory, we are mainly focus on high quality medical casters and hospital casters development and manufacture . At our Enterprises, those are the same qualities we strive for every day. For more than 12 years we have built our reputation by producing Caster wheels, and relative injection parts.They are widely used as medical caster wheels,hospital casters,medical trolley caster wheels,hospital bed casters and some other medical equipment casters.From concept to manufacturing, our consistent performance and attention to detail is legendary.

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For more than 12 years development our casters involved

* Medical caster wheels become one of our major products,it’s include Full plastic medical casters,twin medical casters are widely used on hospital furniture and other medical devices. Especially our central locking caster wheels, due to excellent design and quality , At current for double wheels central locking casters we have Ø100mm,Ø125mm and Ø150mm, For single wheel central locking casters we have Ø125mm,Ø150mm and Ø200mm. Due to excellent design and quality This category become our fastest growing products.

* Wheelchair rear wheels and wheelchair front wheels. Which include manual wheelchair wheels and power wheelchair wheels. Both pneumatic wheelchair wheels and solid PU wheels are available.

Our manufacturing process is adaptable, efficient, and accurate. We maintain sophisticated design capabilities that transform your drawings into exact fabrications. Our precision manufacturing combined with expert craftsmanship ensures each piece meets your specification. In-house secondary operations give us the resources and flexibility needed to meet the toughest delivery schedule.

At HuanXin Enterprises, every project starts with the selection of the highest quality materials and our corporate commitment to providing the best resources, equipment and applications possible to produce the most reliable prototypes and products for our clients. We provide 24/7 hours service. And always try best to satisfy client’s demand.