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Supply Aerospace Casters since year 2011.

Huanxin offer aerospace casters,aerospace air cargo casters,aerospace tooling casters,aviation casters,heavy duty aviation casters,industrial aviation casters for more than 13 years,our aerospace casters are special designed for aviation industry.

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What are the aviation casters?

Aviation casters are special types of casters that are designed for the aerospace industry. They are used to move heavy loads, such as aircraft parts, tools, and equipment, on the ground. Aviation casters have high load capacity, durability, and resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and temperature changes. They also have low rolling resistance, which means they require less force to move. Aviation casters can be made of different materials, such as steel, aluminum, rubber, or polyurethane.

Some aviation casters use air bearings, which are devices that lift and move objects on a thin film of air. Air bearings can reduce friction, noise, and vibration, and allow for precise and smooth movement. Air bearings can also protect the floor from damage and prevent static electricity buildup.

Aviation casters are widely used in aerospace casters manufacturing, maintenance, and testing facilities. They can help improve efficiency, safety, and ergonomics in these environments. Some examples of aviation casters are:

• Aerospace caster: A caster that is specifically designed for aerospace applications, such as moving aircraft fuselages, wings, engines, and landing gears.

• Air caster skid: A platform that is mounted with air casters and can be used to transport heavy and bulky objects, such as satellites, rockets, and space.

• Air caster rigging system: A system that consists of air casters, hoses, fittings, and a control console, and can be used to lift and move heavy loads in tight spaces, such as hangars, workshops, and assembly lines.


Benefit List of Aerospace Casters

The benefits of Huanxin Aerospace Casters.The advantages of Huanxin transport & apparatus castors aerospace air cargo casters for aviation have convinced buyers, planners and product developers for many years!


perfectly maneuverable

 With Huanxin Aerospace Casters you make your aircraft serving trolleys & furniture extraordinarily maneuverable even in the tightest spaces.


centrally lockable

Our castors & wheels for aircraft trolleys can be centrally locked via brake pedals.


rustproof materials

Huanxin Airlight castors are made of rustproof premium materials, such as stainless steel & high quality plastics.


washable & hygienic

Our hygienic castors & wheels for airplane trolleys & furniture are machine washable.


Light Weight

Our aircraft trolley casters are weight-reduced & contribute significantly to savings in fuel consumption.


long-lasting premium quality aerospace casters

 Huanxin supplies low-maintenance & durable airline casters with precision ball bearings
Rely on premium stainless steel and plastic castors for the aircraft, airline & cargo sector and equip your aircraft trolleys with Huanxin Aerospace Casters Air Aargo Casters!