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The Importance of the Right Casters on Medical Equipment

What are the uses of wheel casters on medical equipment? Casters has many uses, all those uses boil down to just one – to transport items! However, determining the right caster depends largely on the items that the casters are being used on.Improving casters in healthcare facilities can reduce noise, enhance patient satisfaction, and prevent […]

Two Different Solutions for Anti-Static Caster Wheels Discharge

Conductive and Dissipative Casters: Two Different Solutions for Anti-Static Caster Wheels Discharge In various industries, technology-focused settings, or environments where there is a need to prevent the build-up of static electricity, the use of caster wheels can pose a significant challenge. To address this issue, businesses often rely on caster wheels that are specifically designed […]

How To Choose Noise-Reducing / Quiet Caster

Swivel Medical Castors for Hospital Medical Carts

How To Quiet Caster Noise You may have encountered the problem of noise pollution caused by caster wheels that are not suitable for the flooring surface. To address this issue, it is important to choose the right caster wheels that are best-suited for the particular floor environment, in order to reduce or eliminate the noise […]

Hospital Caster to Enhance the Medical Industry

Double Ball Bearing Central Locking Healthcare Bed Caster

Tested Products(Hospital Caster) to Enhance the Medical Industry The medical industry has unique applications that few other industries share. Your patients require casters and wheels that will provide comfort for them and confidence for your employees. Some great solutions include anti-microbial wheels, quiet, ergonomic casters, and medical wheels that won’t damage floors. We offer different […]

Choose the Right Casters

Grey Color Silent Health Care Bed Caster Swivel Caster

Choosing the Right Wheel Bearing for Casters Rigid casters by HuanXin When selecting casters, it is important not to overlook the type of bearing used. Both stem and top plate casters require a bearing, which is the component that connects the wheel to the axle. The bearing assembly plays a critical role in the caster’s […]

Hospital Casters: Four Critical Challenges

Hospital Bed Caster Wheels With Solid Stem 4Inch 5Inch

What is a source of frustration for many hospitals? It is the wheel caster, its presence is announced before it comes into view, and it negatively impacts HCAHPS scores, causes staff injuries, increases maintenance expenses, and leaves floors in an unsightly condition. Your hospital casters. If you take a closer look at the bottom of […]

Quiet Hospital Casters Increase HCAHPS Score

PU Swivel Caster Wheel With Brake for Healthcare/Nursing Bed

Why We Need The Quiet Hospital Caster? If you work at a hospital, clinic or other type of healthcare facility, you know all about the problem of noise. All parties involved, including patients, doctors, nurses, and visitors, share the common sentiment that the sounds of alarms, alerts, beeps, and loudspeaker pages can be bothersome and […]

Central-locking Caster Brakes

Hospital Medical Casters Dual Wheel Casters Central Locking

Central-locking Caster Brakes   When it comes to brakes, there are numerous options available to suit your specific requirements. One such option is a central-locking brake system, which enables you to secure all wheels using just one brake pedal.   In recent times, we have made it simple for our clients to design and order […]

Medical Cart Casters To Eliminate Noise

Full Plastic Furniture Swivel Caster Wheel With Brake Trolley

Medical Cart Casters To Eliminate Noise The most frequent complain voiced by hospital patients nowadays concerns not the food itself, but rather the medical carts on which it is delivered. The reason for this is that hospital food carts tend to be noisy, which patients can hear well before they come into view. The carts […]

Caster Swivel Lead Explained

Caster Swivel Lead Explained WHAT IS LEAD AND WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT TYPES In order to discuss swivel lead, it is important to first mention the different types of forks. A caster’s fork serves the purpose of holding the wheel and axle while connecting them to the top plate. Various devices with wheels, such […]