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Bolt Hole Casters

Bolt hole casters medical can be attached to medical racks, medical carts, hospital furniture, and other medical equipment to allow them to roll, which reduces the effort required to move or reposition the hospital equipment. Also known as hollow-kingpin casters, they have an open hole that provides versatility when mounting the casters to equipment. The casters can be installed in tubing using compatible expanding stems that get larger as they’re tightened to keep the caster firmly in place in the tubing, or they can be installed in wood using a lag bolt with the length and thread that best suits the particular application.

Low-profile easy-turn bolt-hole casters each have two wheels, which reduces the friction between the floor and the wheels (also known as scrubbing) and allows the casters to swivel more easily than single-wheel bolt-hole casters. The casters have a low profile and are used on equipment that must be kept low to the ground, such as office furniture, medical equipment, and kitchen equipment. They have a low center of gravity that helps keeps the equipment stable as it’s moved. Low-profile easy-turn bolt-hole casters are used as an alternative to stem casters in light-duty institutional applications such as offices or schools.

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