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Airline Galley Cart Casters Aerospace Air Cargo Casters

Airline Galley Cart Casters Aerospace Air Cargo Casters

Airline galley cart casters
Material: PP core with TPR Wheel
Size:Ø75 x 25mm
Bearing:Ball Bearing

Caster No. Wheel Material
MARTPB-3 75 x 25 TPR
Bearing Plate Mount
Ball Bearing 70 x 55 54 x 41
Hole Height Loading
Ø5.5 x 8.5 102 80 kg


There are 2 colors optional!



Airline galley cart casters
Airline galley cart casters




Aircraft trolley cart caster wheels
Aircraft trolley cart caster wheels

Are you looking for washable & rust-free premium castors & wheels that are perfect for aircraft furniture & aircraft trolleys in aviation? Rely on 45 years of experience in the development and production of HuanXin products for this market! Numerous international airlines are already taking advantage of these benefits!

In the selection of Airline galley cart casters, we mainly need to consider two aspects of noise and safety performance.

In the selection of caster materials, we choose TPR material casters, which have better oil and corrosion resistance, and have quiet and wear-resistant properties.

In the selection of caster bearings, we mostly use precision ball bearings, whose stability, quiet effect and load-bearing capacity are stronger.

We can observe that a smaller contact area between the wheel and the ground results in a more maneuverable rotation. In order to enhance the agility of the airplane trolley casters, we have designed the wheels with a curved surface, which effectively reduces the contact area with the ground. This allows the dining cart to make sharper turns and navigate more easily.

In terms of the design on wheels, we mostly use precision ball bearings and double wheels, which are flexible in rotation and suitable for quiet environments such as airplanes.

Not only that, in order to prevent the airplane meal cart from drifting on the plane due to the movement of the aircraft, The central locking brake system design on the dining cart to ensure the safety and easy brake of the dining cart.

About Airline galley cart casters color, we can make in Yellow zinc plated,and White Zinc Plated.

Our Aerospace Casters range in size. You can also select your wheel size, wheel type, and caster options to fit you specific need. Click here Aerospace Casters



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