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Central-locking Caster Brakes

Central-locking Caster Brakes


When it comes to brakes, there are numerous options available to suit your specific requirements. One such option is a central-locking brake system, which enables you to secure all wheels using just one brake pedal.


In recent times, we have made it simple for our clients to design and order their own central-locking brake systems. Once you have provided us with one or two measurements, we will manufacture all the necessary components for you. This means that you can quickly and easily obtain precisely what you need without any hassle.

4 inch twin central locking casters

How it Works


The central-locking brake system is a relatively simple solution. When clients have multiple swivel casters that require secure locking with a total brake, they can choose between using 2 to 4 separate brake pedals or a single lever that operates all the brakes simultaneously.


Central Locking Brake for Casters


Why You Might Need a Central-Locking Brake System


Controlling multiple brakes with a single pedal offers several benefits.

Firstly, the pedal remains in a fixed position, eliminating the need to maneuver the carts to locate the brake pedal, which may rotate with the caster. This ensures that all brakes are easily accessible and can be engaged with a single pedal.

Secondly, central-locking systems provide total lock brakes on all casters, resulting in a more stable cart. This is especially useful for tier 1 auto manufacturers who require immobile carts during transportation, as well as Broadway plays that require highly mobile carts between scenes but stationary carts during each scene. Thus, central-locking systems provide versatility.

These advantages translate into significant time and productivity savings, leading to increased revenue. Additionally, using a single lever to engage the brakes simplifies the process and makes it less tedious.

8 inch central brake stretcher casters

What You Need to Supply Us

In order to create your own custom brake, simply provide us with the measurement of your cart from center of your left and right wheel as you can see below.


To order your central-locking brake system or to have any questions answered, please click here.

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For double wheel central locking casters


Improve Customer Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry

Enhance Your Customers’ Experience with the Right Casters and Wheels

At HuanXin medical caster, our primary focus is collaborating with our customers to discover optimal solutions for their specific applications. We strive to provide you with a sense of assurance and tranquility by delivering reliable products, backed by comprehensive test data, and exceptional customer support. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your purchase experience is hassle-free, granting you complete confidence and peace of mind. So, you can rely on us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Let us help you make worry-free decisions. We are committed to your satisfaction. Choose Caster Connection for unparalleled service and trusted solutions. Together, we’ll find the perfect fit for your requirements. Let us be your reliable partner in fulfilling your caster and wheel needs. Trust in our expertise and experience to provide you with the best possible outcome. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Experience worry-free purchasing with Caster Connection. Contact us today and discover the difference we can make for you. We look forward to serving you.

The primary concern of a hotel is to keep their residents happy. It can be easy to forget how something as simple as a noisy caster can bother a customer and ruin their experience. That’s why we offer quiet casters and wheels that can conquer different floor types, while offering an aesthetic appeal as well.

We can offer you peace of mind by offering products that have been tested and proven in your environment, so you can buy the right wheel the first time.


Plated Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic wheels are a great choice for hotels, where carts must roll over a variety of surfaces and remain quiet. These tough wheels will allow employees to easily maneuver carts over cement, carpet, linoleum, and other surfaces. They can come in a brass or zinc-plated finish for aesthetic appeal.

Pneumatic Caster

Features include:

Low noise levels
Easy rolling
Handles different floor types
Aesthetic finish
These wheels are ideal for hospitality related applications, such as luggage carts, hand trucks, cleaning carts, room service carts, mop buckets, food service equipment, and other applications.

An Alternative to the Phenolic Wheel

Phenolic wheels are one of the most commonly used wheels in the industry. They are very economical, adapt to different environments, and are effective in general applications.

However, phenolic wheels are known to chip and fail in stressful environments. The Rollx by Algood is an alternative to the phenolic wheel, and solves many of these problems.

Rollx Wheel

The Rollx wheel offers superior strength and lightness compared to phenolic wheels, resulting in reduced shipping expenses and increased weight capacity. Additionally, unlike typical phenolic wheels, the Rollx is highly resistant to moisture and chemicals, and does not suffer from chipping or breakage when exposed to wet conditions.

This wheel’s adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, and it addresses many of the shortcomings of previous wheel designs.

This wheel can sustain temperatures of up to 250°F and is very ergonomic. It is also 100% recyclable, making disposal easier.

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