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Hospital Bed Casters

Hospital bed casters, central locking casters,swivel casters, twin wheel casters and nylon casters specifically developed for hospital beds!

Are you looking for dependable and low-maintenance medical casters for hospital beds?

Our high quality, central locking casters are designed especially for hospital beds and are meet the demands of hygienic conditions, security, and mobility. Discover the advantages of the hospital bed casters made by HUANXIN medical casters and wheels. Take advantage of the benefits for planners, purchasers, designers, and hospital bed or medical equipment product developers!

The advantages of hospital bed casters made by HUANXIN:

Invest in HUANXIN’s machine-washable, electrically conductive hospital bed casters. Protect your hospital beds and lower your complaint rate!

Would you like some personal advice on looking for medical wheels and hospital bed casters?

Why are HUANXIN hospital bed casters are ideal for applications in physician offices, outpatient clinics, and hospitals?

The HUANXIN medical product range’s hospital bed casters/medical casters are especially satisfy the most exacting requirements in the medical industry.

We take care to make hospital bed casters safe, quiet, user-friendly, washable (in accordance with AK-BWA standard), and electrically conductive from the beginning of the creation of our casters and wheels. The medical single wheel and twin wheel swivel casters are tested in accordance with IEC 60101 standard, in addition to our stringent internal standards.

In addition to addressing the unique needs for hospital beds, HUANXIN supplies medical casters with the caster series central locking casters,swival casters,single wheel casters and dual wheel casters. The remarkable and award-winning design also makes an impression on users!

What caster types and designs are available in the HUANXIN medical product range for hospital beds?

The selection range of medical casters from HUANXIN provides a professional solution meet any requirements.

There are 4 diameters of medical casters for patient beds: 100, 125, 150, and 200 mm. The medical casters have load capacities ranging from 90 kg to 200 kg per caster, with increments of 100 and 150 kg. Wheels, pivot casters, single wheel casters, twin wheel casters, nylon casters, and central locking casters are all available for hospital beds through the HUANXIN medical technology caster series.

HUANXIN casters are ideal for hospital beds, medical beds, healthcare beds, critical care beds, ward beds, lab beds, and patient beds!

More information about our casters and wheels.

Why should planners, designers and product developers of hospital beds rely on HUANXIN hospital bed casters right from the start?

HUANXIN provides comprehensive details about all the hospital bed casters.

When organizing your hospital beds models, make use of our 2D caster drawings, 2D detail drawings, certificates, and datasheets with all the technical information and caster features for documentation.

Alternatively, you may quickly and simply incorporate our 3D caster models into your 3D drawing by downloading them for free in a variety of popular 3D file formats, including DXF 3D, OBJ, IGES, STEP, VRML, and many more.

Take advantage of HUANXIN medical casters’ benefits by incorporating them into your hospital bed planning from the beginning!

What requirements and standards should you consider for hospital and laboratory beds with single and twin casters?

Whether as a buyer, planner, product developer, or designer, you should give careful consideration to safety, hygienic practices, and ease of maneuverability when selecting medical casters for hospital beds.

The HUANXIN medical line is especially designed to meet everyday needs. A closed, hygienic, and antibacterial design, along with high-quality materials and electrical conductivity, are crucial components of the HUANXIN product philosophy.

Selecting high quality casters for hospital beds reduces complaints and maintenance work while ensuring safety. We also test in accordance with the standard IEC 60101, depending on the intended purpose (e.g., medical equipments,medical trolleys or hospital beds).

Our hospital bed casters and wheels

Hospital bed casters
Swivel castor, central locking,caster

Double swivel castor with total lock, centrally operated, stem Ø32x50mm, wheel diameter: 150mm, load capacity: 200 kg

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Swivel castor, ∅ 150 mm

Low Noise Healthcare Nursing Bed Caster With Bolt Hole

Double swivel castor with total lock, centrally operated, stem Ø32x50mm, wheel diameter: 150mm, load capacity: 200 kg, with non-marking grey polyurethane tyres (TPU) / 94 shore A

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Swivel castor, ∅ 150 mm

4 Inch Heavy Duty Caster Wheels Medical Casters

Double swivel castor with total lock, centrally operated, stem Ø32x50mm, wheel diameter: 150mm, load capacity: 200 kg, with non-marking grey polyurethane tyres (TPU) / 94 shore A

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Swivel castor, ∅ 150 mm

4 Inch Heavy Duty Caster Wheels Medical Casters

Double swivel castor with total lock, centrally operated, stem Ø32x50mm, wheel diameter: 150mm, load capacity: 200 kg, with non-marking grey polyurethane tyres (TPU) / 94 shore A

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As a buyer of hospital beds casters, why should you opt for HUANXIN casters on your hospital beds right from the start?

Are you looking to purchase medical degrade casters for hospital beds?

Benefit from our exclusive offers when buying hospital bed casters in bulk. Get in touch with us right now! We will provide you a straightforward offer that is precisely customized to your needs as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to get project-specific guidance from our medical casters Sales Team. If a minimum quantity is required, customized and unique solutions can be applied in terms of color, locking, fastening, branding with your own logo, or unique packaging.

To guarantee that your application has the ideal solution, use HUANXIN medical casters from the beginning. Benefit from our volume discounts and sliding pricing as well for large purchases!

Which special requirements for safety, hygiene and maneuverability apply to hospital bed casters?


Using HUANXIN medical caster will ensure the hospital beds’ safe and simple.HUANXIN hospital bed casters are constructed from the best components and materials. In hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and senior housing complexes with limited aisle space, hospital beds that are easy to maneuver are critical. Hospital bed casters from HUANXIN roll smoothly and silently and include dependable locking and brakes for comfort and safety.

A central locking caster brake pedal on the hospital bed allows the braked swivel casters, nylon casters, rubber casters, transport casters, and twin wheel casters for hospital beds to be easily and silently secured. The hospital bed is simpler to maneuver and operate because to its directional locking feature, especially when moving quickly!

Cleanliness and hygiene:

Made of premium nylon, HUANXIN’s washable casters for hospital beds are simple to maintain. We take care to make sure the nylon housing is as small as possible and free of obstructive edges from the very beginning of development. The end product is a medical caster with easily cleaned and washable encapsulated housing.

The washable hospital bed casters can be cleaned by hand or by machine in hospitals since they are made of premium nylon for the caster housing, caster wheel, and polyurethane tires. They also have premium swivel and ball bearings. This lowers the possibility of illnesses, bacteria, and germs!


Superior precision ball and swivel bearings provide flawless operation of the HUANXIN nylon casters and twin wheel casters for hospital beds. In hospitals with limited hallways, medical beds must be able to move around easily. The hospital-specific PU tyres and precision ball bearings provide effortless starting and stopping of all HUANXIN medical casters. They roll silently and smoothly as well.

Surmounting floor gaps is also crucial since hospital beds are frequently transported from one floor to another via elevators. In these circumstances, twin casters or wide casters with a big diameter work best for hospital beds and increase safety—even when you’re in a rush!

We would be happy to advise you. Request your individual offer for HUANXIN hospital bed casters today!

Fixture types for medical swivel casters and twin wheel casters

How are the swivel casters with central locking attached to hospital beds?

Stem for central locking

Certain stem fittings are used by central locking devices. These are found in superior clinic and hospital beds. The hospital bed casters’ locking mechanism, which is often engaged by a hexagonal cam, is housed in the hollow stem.

The caster’s three roles are managed by the cam position:

freely movable swivel caster
fixed caster (direction lock activated) or
completely blocked (total locking)

Other fixture types for simple hospital beds or doctor's office beds with casters

HUANXIN offers the following fixture solutions as further options to attach single swivel casters and twin wheel casters with brakes to hospital beds:


Back hole
Threaded pin
Bolt with cross hole
Round or square expansion sleeves