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esd casters for hospital bed Hospital Bed Casters Wheels

Are you looking for maintenance-free hospital bed casters and reliable casters for hospital beds for bulk sale?

Our high-quality, central locking medical casters have been specifically developed for hospital beds and are precisely tailored to the specific requirements of hygiene, safety and maneuverability. Learn about the advantages of HuanXin casters and wheels developed for hospital beds, medical beds,stretchers. Benefit from the advantages for buyers, planners, designers and product developers!

The benefits of HuanXin hospital bed casters:

HuanXin medicine castors – Medical castors,hospital bed casters, Clinic bed casters, Nursing home bed casters,all the medical casters are ESD Washable.
Perfect serviceability – quiet and low-resistance medical casters
Available as a product family – many diameters and load capacities available
Wide range -central locking caster, swivel casters, twin wheel casters and nylon casters
Washable and electrically conductive (ESD) versions – deliverable at short notice
Individual solutions with customized colour, locking system, fixture type or customer logo are possible on request
Award-winning and hygienic design – perfectly matched to hospital beds
Free 3D models – rapid creation of 3D prototypes for planners and designers
Caster locks requiring minimal force to operate – simple and quiet actuation
Technical advice – fast and uncomplicated
Sliding prices and quantity discounts – for bulk buyer.

Esd casters for hospital bed include ESD Swivel Caster,Conductive ESD Caster Wheels,Anti-Static Wheels and ESD Wheels,ESD caster,Stainless steel esd caster wheels,Thermoplastic Rubber Conductive ESD Wheels Medical Castors and so on.

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