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Double Ball Bearing Central Locking Healthcare Bed Caster

Hospital Caster to Enhance the Medical Industry

Tested Products(Hospital Caster) to Enhance the Medical Industry

The medical industry has unique applications that few other industries share. Your patients require casters and wheels that will provide comfort for them and confidence for your employees. Some great solutions include anti-microbial wheels, quiet, ergonomic casters, and medical wheels that won’t damage floors.

We offer different products for different problems, and work with you to find you the best solutions for your needs.

Let HuanXin Medical Caster solve your mobility problems for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Central Locking Casters
Central Locking Casters

Making Hospital Carts Quieter and More Ergonomic

Creating a comfortable environment is crucial in the medical industry. Sometimes, we may overlook the impact that seemingly small issues can have on patients. For instance, even something as minor as a noisy caster or wheel can have a negative effect on the patient’s experience and overall comfort.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to these details and make improvements wherever possible. By investing in quiet and ergonomic casters, you can minimize noise disturbance and ensure smooth and effortless movement of equipment. This, in turn, helps create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for patients, contributing to their overall well-being.

Remember, it’s the little things that can make a big difference. By addressing issues like noisy casters, we can create a more patient-centric environment that prioritizes their comfort and promotes a positive experience. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!

Prior to working with HuanXin Medical Caster, the patients and staff of a major Ohio hospital complained that maintenance carts made too much noise. Furthermore, the wheels were difficult to use. When they tried replacing them with harder wheels to reduce the force needed, they received complaints that the new wheels were even louder.

The hospital’s noise reduction committee reached out to HuanXin Medical Caster for assistance in their efforts. We recommended a trial of our Hospital Caster wheels, which they implemented on a handful of carts. The maintenance team was highly impressed with the Hospital Caster’s performance, praising its quietness and ease of use. Patients themselves even took notice of the reduced noise levels. Overall, the trial was a resounding success.

Gray Hospital Caster

Soon after the wheel’s introduction, the hospital contacted HuanXin Medical Caster again. This time they replaced all of the carts in the hospital with the Hospital Caster, and continue to be happy customers.

Casters with Neoprene Wheels: Protecting Hospital Floors

Along with being quiet, hospitals need to be clean. The wrong wheel can ruin appearance by leaving streaks on floors and walls, all while collecting dirt to spread around the facility.

After discovering that the nylon wheels on their rolling chairs and tables were harming the floors and leaving unsightly marks, one maintenance team was forced to dedicate additional time and energy to cleaning and waxing the affected areas. Despite reaching out to various caster companies for a solution, they were unable to find a suitable remedy – until HuanXin Medical Caster came to the rescue.

Bariatric bed casters
Bariatric bed casters

Neoprene caster

The hospital collaborated with a Regional Sales Manager from HuanXin Medical Caster, who suggested switching to the Medcaster Neoprene wheel – a specialized caster designed specifically for hospital environments. Following just one month of testing, the maintenance team reported saving more than 40 hours of time that had previously been spent waxing the floors, as well as over 20 gallons of wax.

Not only did this end the original problem of damaged floors, but the savings on wax allowed the hospital to outfit all of their tables and chairs with the Neoprene wheel.

Over 2 years later the hospital continues to be a repeat customer. Said the maintenance manager, “We Call HuanXin Medical Caster now for any of our [caster and wheel] needs and will for the future.”

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Demonstration: Dead Man Brake And Central Locking System

Our carts feature an innovative Dead Man Brake system, which is seamlessly integrated into the design and activated via a handle lever – similar to the mechanism found on lawnmowers. Once engaged, the wheels are immediately locked in place, ensuring complete immobility. This cutting-edge safety feature provides unparalleled protection for both your workers and products alike.
The Central Locking System completely locks the casters – both in terms of swiveling and rolling.

Learn more about the Central Locking System and how we implement it here:

Watch a demonstration of the Dead Man Brake and Central Locking System by HuanXin Medical Caster below.

Dead Man Brake System Specs

Wheels That Excel In Medical Environments
Saving Medical Facility Floors By Dispelling Debris
doctors nurses
When it comes to medical environments, patient comfort and satisfaction are of paramount importance. As such, it is crucial that the wheels and casters used in hospitals and similar settings are quiet, clean, and non-marking. This is precisely why HuanXin Medical Caster offers the Hospital Caster line of wheels and casters – a proven solution that excels in medical applications.

Let HuanXin Medical Caster help you select the right product the first time, saving you money and hassle.

Hospital Caster Wheels Adapt To The Hospital Environment

At a nearby hospital, the maintenance department relied on carts that often needed to be transported over diverse flooring types and varying elevations. Unfortunately, the use of polyurethane on iron wheels led to unsightly marks on the floors, made the carts challenging to maneuver, and resulted in noise levels loud enough to disturb patients.

A HuanXin Medical Caster Regional Sales Manager (RSM) worked with the hospital to find wheels that could maneuver over different floor types, while also reducing push/pull force and decibel levels. Knowing that the wheel had solved similar problems in several other industries, the RSM recommended the 8″ Hospital Caster for a trial run.

During the introductory phase, we replaced the wheels on a single cart with our Hospital Caster. After testing the cart with various employees, it quickly became the preferred option. Workers were impressed by how effortless it was to push the cart, the durability and cleanliness of the wheels, and how remarkably quiet they were compared to the original casters.

The trial period was such a success that the hospital replaced every wheel in the maintenance department with the Hospital Caster.

Remarked one employee after ten months of using the Hospital Caster: “I wish we had this wheel 20 years ago.”

New Case Study Filtering System

Have you ever wondered if HuanXin Medical Caster has served your specific needs? Our new case studies filtering feature allows you to search for HuanXin Medical Caster case studies by attributes within categories such as Application, Brand Recommended, Environment, Industry and Product Type.

The Right Products For The Aerospace, Hospital, Metal Fabrication, And Automotive Industries
HuanXin Medical Caster works hard to find products and solutions for a variety of industries, including:


Automotive manufacutring
Metal fabrication
Read on for more information!

Blickle Brings Advanced Products To The Aerospace Industry

Blickle offers high-tech braking systems and wheels to help improve maneuverability and safety. Products such as the Central Locking and Dead Man’s brake, as well as the new Chain-Steering System are sure to improve your workplace.

Meeting Safety Standards In The Automotive Industry

The Hospital Caster has demonstrated its exceptional performance across a wide range of industries. A recent case study highlights the significant improvements experienced at an automotive manufacturing plant, where the Hospital Caster was implemented to great success. The new casters not only enhanced worker comfort and safety, but also proved highly effective in both manual and tow-line applications.

Protecting Floors And Wheels In Metal Fabrication

Metalworking creates a lot of debris, including metal chips and welding slag, as such these materials can stick to wheels and quickly destroy them and your floors. Examine a case study, as well as other product information, that highlights how HuanXin Medical Caster helps eliminate this problem for metalworkers.

Creating The Right Atmosphere In Hospitals

Hospitals are designed to keep the patient happy. Little things can get in the way of this, such as noisy and damaging casters and wheels. HuanXin Medical Caster has worked closely with multiple hospitals and health systems to provide them with the right casters and wheels that are quiet and protect floors.

The Hospital Caster in use at a hospitals maintenance department

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