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12 Inch Rubber Solid Non-Pneumatic Electric Wheelchair Wheel


12 Inch Rubber Solid Non-Pneumatic Electric Wheelchair Wheel

12 inch wheelchair wheels
Material: PP core with PU wheels
Size:Ø125mm,Ø150mm,Ø200mm ,Ø300mm
Load: 80kg,100kg
Purpose: Wheelchair replacement wheels,walking aids wheels

At current the most popular wheelchair wheels material are TPR and PU.How to choose correct wheelchair wheels material? OK before you make decision you should know the different of them.

*TPR wheel is harder than Pu foamed wheelchair wheel. So PU wheel have better function on shock absorbing. Because of this the user should be more comfortable with PU foamed wheelchair wheels.

*In order to improve the PU foamed wheels shock shock absorber usually with thick tire

*As usual TPR wheel is cheaper than PU foamed wheelchair wheel.So if consider purchase cost firstly you should select TPR wheels.( TPR wheel have thinner tire).

*Both of them are solid wheels,so they are easy maintain. And used as manual wheelchair wheels or power wheelchair wheels.

Of course there also have Pneumatic wheelchair wheels, But they are usually use on eclectic wheelchairs. Price is between the TPR and PU wheelchair wheels. Little hard to push but have excellent shocking absorbing function.

Above are some point of the different between two kind of material wheels.For more info please contact us freely

Further Information——-

PU wheels are environmentally friendly tires. The main material of the tire is polyurethane. Strictly speaking, PU is also a kind of plastic: it has the advantages of thorough puncture resistance, no inflation, high strength, light weight and durability, moderate elasticity, and maintenance-free.

The new type of non-inflatable tire is a tire that does not need to be inflated. It uses micro-closed-cell foaming technology to form a high-molecular polymer material into tiny air chambers that are not connected to each other and are filled with highly elastic sponge-like tires.


This kind of polymer material: On the one hand, it uses the three-dimensional network structure and permanent recoverability, which can still restore the original shape after being squeezed and stretched, so that the tire remains unchanged. On the other hand, it uses countless interconnections and independent The micro-closed cells make the tire have excellent elasticity and cushioning force, and can fully withstand tire pressure changes, so that the pu foamed wheelchair wheels remains strong enough at all times, just like a traditional inner tube fully inflated, making people still like riding a traditional tire So comfortable and lightweight.

Our Pneumatic Wheelchair Wheels range in size from 3/4″ to 1-7/8″. You can also select your wheel size, wheel type, and caster options to fit you specific need. Click here Pneumatic Wheelchair Wheels


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