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5 Inch Caster Wheels with Brake Medical Caster

Wheel Material:PA,PP,TPR
Size:4” x 32mm ; 5” x 32mm
Loading Capacity:70kg-80kg
Bearing Type:Ball Bearing
Type:Threaded Stem,Threaded Stem With Plastic Dual-Brake,Threaded Stem With Metal Dual-Brake
Widely used as medical trolley caster,Hospital bed caster.Medical cart castors,Hospital Stretcher Casters.

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount Height Bolt Hole Thread Stem Loading
P93SPB-4 100 x 32 TPR Ball Bearing 77 x 67 58 x 49 135 13 M12 x 20 Ø28 x 45 70 kg
P93SPB-5 125 x 32 TPR Ball Bearing 77 x 67 58 x 49 162 13 M12 x 20 Ø28 x 45 80 kg


Product Description:

As a leading supplier in the industry, we take pride in offering top-notch 5 inch caster wheels with brakes specifically designed for medical equipment and facilities. Our high-quality casters ensure smooth and reliable mobility, providing essential stability and maneuverability in medical environments.


Key Features:

  1. Superior Quality: Our caster wheels are made from premium materials, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and excellent performance.
  2. Enhanced Maneuverability: The 5 inch size allows for easy navigation, enabling seamless movement around medical equipment and tight spaces.
  3. Secure Braking System: Equipped with reliable brakes, these casters provide optimal control and stability, ensuring the safety of medical professionals and patients.
  4. Smooth and Silent Operation: Engineered with precision, our caster wheels deliver whisper-quiet operation, preventing unnecessary noise disturbances in healthcare settings.
  5. Easy Installation: With a hassle-free installation process, these casters can be promptly added to medical equipment, ensuring minimal downtime.


Our 5 inch caster wheels with brake are suitable for a wide range of medical applications, including hospital beds, medical carts, IV stands, and equipment trolleys. We understand the importance of hygiene in medical environments; therefore, our casters are designed to be easily cleanable and resistant to the buildup of dirt and germs.

When you choose our products, you can trust that our team of experts is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations. With our reliable supply chain and competitive pricing, we ensure prompt delivery and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Upgrade your medical equipment with our high-performance 5 inch caster wheels with brake. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and place your order.


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