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Spring Loaded Caster Wheel Medical Caster


Wheel Material:TPR,PA
Size:3” x 32mm ; 4” x 32mm ; 5” x 32mm
Loading Capacity:80kg-100kg
Bearing Type:Single Ball Bearing
Type Optional: Plate Swivel,Thread Swivel,Stem Swivel,Bolt Hole
Widely used as hospital bed caster,Medical trolley caster,stretcher chair wheel

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount
LN51BSB-3 75 x 32 TPR Ball Bearing 94 x 64 75 x 45
LN51BSB-4 100 x 32 TPR Ball Bearing 94 x 64 75 x 45
LN51BSB-5 125 x 32 TPR Ball Bearing 94 x 64 75 x 45
Caster No. Height Bolt Hole Thread Stem Loading
LN51BSB-3 118 12 M12 x 25 23.5 80 kg
LN51BSB-4 138 12 M12 x 25 23.5 90 kg
LN51BSB-5 165 12 M12 x 25 23.5 100 kg


★Spring-type casters, fixed wheels, rotating wheels, brake casters, heavy-duty casters, polyurethane casters, industrial transport casters.
★ Load-bearing: The caster structure is firm and strong, with strong carrying capacity, 4 inches (250kg) / 5 inches (350kg) / 6 inches (400kg) 8 inches (500kg)
★Material: It is made of PU material and galvanized bracket. It has good dustproof and anti-tangling properties and is suitable for different environments.
★ Shock absorption design: Retractable spring, high-elastic non-deformation spring, shock-absorbing and anti-seismic effect on the ground.
★ Uses: carts, tool boxes, light machinery, equipment brackets, mobile workstations, cabinets, furniture, etc. No matter what kind of mobile assistance your workplace needs, our casters are quick solutions.

Spring-loaded castors improve the service life of castors by reducing the amount of shock and impact load. They also protect sensitive and valuable goods by absorbing shock and impacts. Spring-loaded castors ensure that loads are distributed more evenly and reduce noise levels during transportation. The Huanxin range includes four different spring-loaded brackets with a steel or polyurethane spring. The LHF series is based on the Huanxin LH bracket and uses a steel spring, as does the LSFN series, which is based on the LS bracket series. The LSFE series is also based on the LS series and uses a polyurethane-elastomer hinged plate construction. The Huanxin LPFE bracket is a welded steel construction with a polyurethane spring. This patented plate spring design provides excellent spring damper characteristics.

Steel springs are normally only used for suspension and have a long service life. The properties of steel springs remain constant over time. Polyurethane springs provide suspension in addition to dampening impacts. These springs require occasional readjustment due to the change in the spring tension caused by creep in the polyurethane material. Spring tension, initial tension and the maximum spring travel should be considered when choosing which spring-loaded castor to use. The initial tension is the amount of force which is used to pre-tension the spring. The spring will only move or compress if this force is exceeded. The spring tension is the amount of force which is required to reach the end stop. The maximum spring travel is the change in the mounting height between an unloaded state and maximum compression. The optimal static load is roughly half the spring tension. The damping performance of the castor is optimised for this range. If the force is too large or too small, the response of the suspension will be impeded.

If you need spring loaded casters for chemical environments, then you should opt for the stainless-steel castors, they are ideal for extreme environments as they resist corrosive chemicals. They are perfect for activities in which hygiene is a fundamental requirement.

We can categorize spring loaded casters to two types, fixed casters or swivel casters. The fixed castors are very stable and are usually installed on machines or devices via the plates. The swivel wheels can be equipped with brakes, and they are suitable for maneuvering devices and machines with precision.

The swivel castors are adjustable on a vertical axis which makes it possible to maneuver machines and devices. Thus, it is possible to rotate the yoke in this type of spring loaded casters. The yoke pivoting is facilitated by fixing the castor with a horizontal offset between the axes and the wheels. This offset also reinforces the stability of the castors and enables you to move in a straight line.

When it comes to industrial wheels, you will be satisfied with our selection. Our castors meet the main industries’ standards. They are compatible with most load weights and their diameters give them a great rolling capacity. And besides the quality of our wholesale spring loaded casters, you will be amazed by our bargain deals.

Introducing our top-of-the-line Spring Loaded Caster Wheel specially designed for medical equipment. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this caster wheel is perfect for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities.

Our Spring Loaded Caster Wheel is constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments. The spring-loaded feature provides optimal shock absorption and smooth maneuverability, making it ideal for sensitive medical equipment.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Durability: Crafted from robust materials, our caster wheel guarantees durability and resilience, with the ability to withstand heavy loads and rigorous daily use.
  2. Superior Shock Absorption: The spring-loaded design effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations encountered during movement, preventing damage to the delicate medical equipment and ensuring a smooth and stable transport.
  3. Smooth and Effortless Mobility: Equipped with precision bearings, this caster wheel provides effortless rolling and precise maneuverability. The swivel feature allows for easy navigation around obstacles and tight corners.
  4. Versatile Compatibility: Designed to fit a wide range of medical equipment, our caster wheel ensures hassle-free installation on various types of carts, stands, and mobile devices commonly used in medical settings.
  5. Secure Locking Mechanism: The caster wheel includes a reliable locking mechanism that securely holds the equipment in place, ensuring stability during stationary periods and preventing unintended movements.

Invest in the best for your medical equipment transportation needs. Our Spring Loaded Caster Wheel offers unparalleled durability, shock absorption, and maneuverability, providing peace of mind and reliability for medical professionals. Trust in our superior quality and elevate your medical facility’s performance today.


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