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Aerospace Casters

Aerospace Casters,Aerospace Air Aargo Aasters.

The advantages of Huanxin transport & apparatus castors for aviation have convinced buyers, planners and product developers for many years!

perfectly maneuverable – with Huanxin Aerospace Casters you make your aircraft serving trolleys & furniture extraordinarily maneuverable even in the tightest spaces
centrally lockable – our castors & wheels for aircraft trolleys can be centrally locked via brake pedals
rustproof materials – Huanxin Airlight castors are made of rustproof premium materials, such as stainless steel & high quality plastics
washable & hygienic – our hygienic castors & wheels for airplane trolleys & furniture are machine washable
light weight – our aircraft trolley casters are weight-reduced & contribute significantly to savings in fuel consumption
long-lasting premium quality – Huanxin supplies low-maintenance & durable airline casters with precision ball bearings
Rely on premium stainless steel and plastic castors for the aircraft, airline & cargo sector and equip your aircraft trolleys with Huanxin Aerospace Air Aargo Aasters!

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