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Healthcare / Nursing Bed Caster

Healthcare bed and nursing bed are all medical bed.They are often use in hospital,clinic,nursing home or house use.
Some times we need to replace the caster wheel,that we need the healthcare bed caster or nursing bed caster.

HuanXin medical casters can provide you high quality healthcare bed caster or nursing bed caster.We are the ideal solution and application to any medical device or equipment. Medical casters are specifically designed for use on medical beds. With exposure to a multitude of fluids and cleaning agents, medical casters are easy to clean. With their anti-permeable materials, bacteria and viruses have little to nowhere to hide and are easily eradicated. Medical grade casters are also preferred for their durability and longevity. In a hospital or other medical setting, there is little to no time stop and repair or replace a caster wheel especially in an emergency or high use time.

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