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200mm Central Locking Caster Wheels For Healthcare Bed


200mm Central Locking Caster Wheels For Healthcare Bed

Material: PA core,PU wheel,ABS cover
Size:150 x35mm
Bearing: Ball Bearing
Central lock:Ø28mm x 98.5mm
Lock degree:30 degree and 45 degree

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Height Lock Stem Loading
ZCLCPUL-8 200 x 35 PU Ball Bearing 240 Ø28 x 98.5 150 kg

Stretchers should always be used with 8 inch central locking casters, for a variety of reasons. They primarily offer a great degree of stability and security during travel. To reduce the likelihood of injury to both the patient and the medical team, it is important for the stretcher to stay sturdy and secure while carrying a person. Greater stability and a decreased risk of tipping over are made possible by the larger casters’ ability to distribute weight more evenly across the floor’s surface area.

8 inch central locking casters enable improved flexibility while negotiating around tight corners or through tiny entrances in addition to stability. This is crucial in healthcare settings where moving patients swiftly and efficiently is required and where space is frequently at a premium.

The ease with which central locking casters may be locked into position, ensuring that the stretcher stays motionless during procedures or while the patient is being transferred, is another significant advantage. This is crucial for safety reasons since it reduces the possibility that the stretcher will suddenly roll away and cause an accident.

Enhanced Durability: 8 inch stretcher casters are strong and long-lasting since they are made to resist severe use and continuous wear and tear. By doing this, maintenance and repair expenses are kept to a minimum and stretchers continue to be reliable and useful.

Greater Load Capacity: 200mm stretcher casters can accommodate larger patients since they have a higher load capacity than smaller wheels. They are therefore perfect for usage in healthcare facilities like hospitals where patients may range in size and weight.

Finally, by minimizing damage to the stretcher, central locking casters also contribute to a longer stretcher’s lifespan. The casters help to guarantee that the stretcher lasts for many years with little need for repairs or maintenance by spreading the patient’s weight more equally throughout the floor’s surface area. This helps to lessen the amount of stress exerted on the stretcher frame and other components.

In conclusion, stretchers must be used with 8 inch central locking casters because of their advantages in terms of stability, maneuverability, safety, and general longevity. They make it simpler for medical workers to transfer patients quickly and efficiently while also helping to give a high level of security and comfort for the patient.


Our Central Locking Casters range in size from 3/4″ to 1-7/8″. You can also select your wheel size, wheel type, and caster options to fit you specific need. Click here Central Locking Casters

More information about central locking caster

Central-locking Caster Brakes

HOW IT WORKS … The central-locking brake system is fairly straightforward. When our clients have multiple swivel casters and need to securely stop these swivel

Central-locking Caster Brakes

When it comes to brakes, you have a ton of options that will match your exact needs. One option you have is a central-locking brake, which allows you to secure all wheels with one brake pedal.

Recently, we’ve allowed our clients to easily design and order their own central-locking brake system. We construct all of the pieces you will need after you’ve supplied us with one or two measurements. In this way, you can get exactly what you need quickly and effortlessly.


The central-locking brake system is fairly straightforward. When our clients have multiple swivel casters and need to securely stop these swivel casters with a total lock brake, they have the option to use 2 to 4 individual brake pedals or to use one lever that controls all of these brakes at once.


Central Locking Brake for Casters


Because you control multiple brakes with one pedal, you gain several advantages.


First, the pedal is always in one place. This means that you don’t have to maneuver your carts to try and find the brake pedal, which may swivel around with your caster. All brakes are always accessible and easily engaged with one pedal.


Second, you have total lock brakes on all casters, so you have a much more stable cart. Whether you’re a tier 1 auto manufacturer that needs an immobile cart during transport or a Broadway play set that needs highly mobile carts in between scenes but immobile carts during each scene, central-locking systems provide you with this versatility.


All of these advantages provide you with major savings in time, productivity, and therefore revenue. Not to mention, these brakes makes life easier and much less tedious in that you have to press one lever rather than 4.



In order to create your own custom brake, simply provide us with the measurement of your cart from center of your left and right wheel as you can see below.


Central Stop Mock Up


When you have supplied us with your measurement, we will send you the casters and central-locking pedal with your exact measurements. The installation is straightforward, and we are always available for any assistance you might need.


To order your central-locking brake system or get your questions answered,

Central Locking Casters

has a wide array of central locking caster and wheel products available for purchase.

Central locking caster system as a caster system solution

System solutions.

Coherently designed products for your individual requirements.

Alongside the “simple” castor, we offer more and more caster system solutions. The underlying idea is to offer our customers genuine added value in the form of additional functions and in combination with STEINCO castors. One new product from this range is the so-called central locking caster system (zFS) with which you can lock multiple castors at the same time.

Central locking caster system (zFS)

The ZFs caster system is freely configurable: depending on the construction, this allows either secure locking of all four of a unit’s castors, or cost-effective partial locking for a unit that can function safely with just two locked castors.

In both cases, the caster locking system mechanically ensures that the castors are simultaneously locked or free to move. This prevents known incorrect usage and provides the highest possible efficiency. Regardless of whether full or partial locking is selected, single or double-sided controls can be implemented. This makes it possible to take specific ergonomic requirements into account.

The colour coding of the control pedal is self-explanatory and its position gives a clear and direct indication of system status.

Product information    Assembly instructions

STEINCO Central locking system for the free configuration of castors mounted under a piece of equipment.

Product benefits:

variable configuration through modular design

compatible with a wide variety of castor series

simple operation through colour-coded pedals

simple scalability requiring almost no tools

assembly instructions available for download

minimal engineering effort required

suitable for new projects and can also be retrofitted

Flexible central locking caster system (zFs)

Flexible central locking caster system

Product benefits:

flexible special solution

pedals do not have to be in line with the used castors

flexible plastic rods made of POM

mounting on flat surfaces possible

can be combined with a wide range of different STEINCO castor series

Product information


The central locking caster system incurs low material cost and short installation times and guarantees highly functional added value for your product.


The central locking caster system is freely configurable: depending on the construction, this allows different options for installing and locking the castors.

Ease of operation

Smooth brake system and ergonomically beneficial operation of the brake pedal.


Simultaneous, secure locking of at least two castors, depending on the construction.

The colour coding of the control pedal is intuitive and clearly signals system status when locked.

One new product from this range is the so-called central locking caster system (zFS) with which you can lock multiple castors at the same time.

Central Locking and Bed

We have locking and bed casters in a variety of materials, from stainless steel to chrome to polished plastic. Find the exact look and feel you’re looking


Check caster locking visually for better security. Specifications. Material: 〔Caster〕 Body: Polyamide (PA) Wheel cover: ABS

Individual Locking: Casters

While the central locking system makes it possible to lock all casters on faster, which is of great advantage in some areas, the individual caster lock offers

With caster locking mechanisms, a distinction is made between individual locking and central locking.

The former is standard: Each caster has a locking mechanism which can be used to lock and unlock it. The central locking also allows all the castors on the device to be locked at one time by activating the lock on one caster.

While the central locking system makes it possible to lock all casters on faster, which is of great advantage in some areas, the individual caster lock offers the ability to flexibly stop individual casters.

Types of caster locking

The locking mechanisms include the load-dependent brake, the wheel and directional brake, and the total lock. The load-dependent brake is used, for example, for chair casters. In this case, the casters are not locked when loaded, but are locked when unloaded. As their names suggest, the wheel brale and directional lock lock different parts of the caster. The wheel brake locks the wheel, so it can no longer turn.

However, it is still possible to swivel the wheel in the bearing. Exactly the opposite is the case with the directional lock. Here, it is not possible to swivel the wheel in the locked state, but the wheel can still turn. This makes it possible to transform a swivel caster into a rigid caster temporarily, in order to make it easier to travel in a straight line. A combination of these two types is the total lock: This locks both the wheel and the swivel at the same time, so that that the caster can neither run nor swivel.

390 Archives

Rhombus 390 Series casters are central locking casters with stamped horn assembly. Zinc-plating provides protection to the rig. A sealed dual ball swivel raceway provides strength and increased mobility will preventing dust and dirt build up. Additional plastic seals protect from dust and water, while thread guards prevent debris entanglement. Precision ball bearings keep the wheels rolling smoothly. Central Locking selection mechanism is self-lubricating to reduce maintenance need. Caster stems meet industry standards to integrate with existing central locking brake systems.

Blickle Dead Man Brake and Central Locking System

Blickle Dead Man Brake And Central Locking System

Need to completely immobilize a cart and wheels?  Check out our video on how Blickle’s Dead Man Brake and Central Locking System works.

Ready to order?  Look at our section of casters that feature Blickle’s Dead Man brakes for easy online ordering.

Understanding Central Locking Casters

A caster is a wheel and mount combined into one unit. Casters assist and facilitate the movement of carts, racks, dollies, and other items.

Caster, Central Lock

Find 182660 – CASTER, CENTRAL LOCK at Hill-Rom Parts.



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