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Two Different Solutions for Anti-Static Caster Wheels Discharge

Conductive and Dissipative Casters: Two Different Solutions for Anti-Static Caster Wheels Discharge

In various industries, technology-focused settings, or environments where there is a need to prevent the build-up of static electricity, the use of caster wheels can pose a significant challenge. To address this issue, businesses often rely on caster wheels that are specifically designed to mitigate the risk of static electricity. These caster wheels are commonly referred to as “conductive” or “electrostatic dissipative” casters, and they function in different ways to reduce or eliminate static electricity.


The Challenge of Anti-Static Caster Wheels Electricity


As carts equipped with caster wheels move across your facility, they can generate static electricity. If there is no outlet for this energy to dissipate, it can accumulate in the carts. When this electrical charge moves from one object to another, such as from a cart to a worker, it is known as electrostatic discharge.


This electro Anti-Static Caster Wheels discharge can damage valuable electrical components. It can also ignite gases and affect clean rooms and medical areas by causing dust particles to cling together, which prevents the dust particles from entering filtration systems. Anti-Static Caster Wheels-eliminating caster wheels will prevent these risks and protect your team members from unnecessary shocks.


Anti-Static Caster Wheels


To effectively address the issue of static electricity in caster wheels, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the unique advantages and limitations of each type of Anti-Static Caster Wheels-eliminating caster wheel. These caster wheels are typically classified into two main categories: conductive and electrostatic dissipative.


In layman’s terms, the main difference between conductive and electroAnti-Static Caster Wheels dissipative wheels is the speed at which electron charges flow through the caster tread.


A conductive wheel, which has a lower resistance to ohms, means the charge will quickly dissipate through the wheel tread. Conductive caster wheels offer the highest protection for electrical environments.


Electrostatic dissipative caster wheels are designed with a higher level of electrical resistance, which results in a slower movement of electrons through the tread. This controlled flow of electrons provides effective protection against static electricity in most applications. Additionally, the use of electrostatic dissipative caster wheels offers a high degree of versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.


So if an end user needs a quick flow due to high sensitivity of the application, they may choose a conductive wheel whereas other end users do not need that kind of flow of electrons, so an electroAnti-Static Caster Wheels dissipative wheel is the better option for them.


Conductive Caster Wheels

Conductive caster wheels, like the Blickle 50mm Electrically-Conductive TPR Swivel Caster, are constructed using conductive materials that allow for the transfer of electricity from the wheel to the floor. These caster wheels are typically manufactured from materials with a low resistance to electrical flow, such as rubber or polyurethane, and are available in a variety of sizes and load ratings to suit different applications.


Conductive caster wheels have a surface resistivity of equal to or greater than 10^3 ohms, but less than 10^5 ohms. They offer the best protection against electroAnti-Static Caster Wheels discharge.



Offer the highest protection against electroAnti-Static Caster Wheels discharge

Excellent shock absorption (soft ride)

Quiet ride


High cost

Not suitable for clean rooms

Possibly long lead times

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Conductive caster

ElectroAnti-Static Caster Wheels Dissipative Caster Wheels

ElectroAnti-Static Caster Wheels dissipative caster wheels, such as the CC Apex ESD, are made from material that conducts electricity, but not as efficiently as conductive materials do. A chemical compound is added to the tread compound to make the tread – polyurethane or rubber – electroAnti-Static Caster Wheels dissipative. The Anti-Static Caster Wheels dissipative material has medium resistance to electrical flow.


ElectroAnti-Static Caster Wheels dissipative caster wheels have a surface resistance of > 105 < 1012 Ohms. They offer the next-best level of protection against electroAnti-Static Caster Wheels discharge (after conductive caster wheels).



Good protection against electroAnti-Static Caster Wheels discharge

Medium shock absorption

Quiet ride

More cost effective

Readily available


Do not offer the highest protection against electroAnti-Static Caster Wheels discharge

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When Should You Use Anti-Static Caster Wheels Casters?

Caster wheels have a wide range of applications, and some are highly specialized to meet specific needs. For instance, some caster wheels are designed to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures, while others are highly resistant to chemical damage or corrosion. Anti-static caster wheels are another specialized type of caster that are particularly important in applications where delicate equipment needs to be protected from static electricity. These casters are specifically engineered to reduce or eliminate static electricity, making them essential for certain industries and applications.


What Do Anti-Static Caster Wheels Casters Do?

Anti-Static Caster Wheels casters allow any static electric charge that builds up on a cart or piece of equipment to be dispelled to the ground. In this way you do not need to worry about a static electricity build up on your equipment and carts. In some cases you will see carts with chains or wires hanging from them to try and solve the problem of static build up, but this approach relies on the chains properly contacting the floor. If the chain bounces up and tangles under the cart, your static protection is avoided and a charge can build up again. With a caster you always know they are in contact with the floor.


Why Would You Need Anti-Static Caster Wheels Casters?

One of the biggest uses of Anti-Static Caster Wheels casters is for electronic equipment. When static electricity builds up it can cause damage to electronic equipment in the order of several thousand volts. Sensitive equipment can malfunction, either temporarily or permanently, causing costly repairs or replacement of electronics. Uncontrolled static electricity is the bane of the electronics industry.

In addition to the industrial applications, controlling static electricity build-up on carts is also crucial for ensuring customer safety and comfort. For example, customers may experience a painful jolt of static electricity when they move a shopping cart from a row of other carts. This is similar to the sensation of rubbing your feet on a carpet and then touching a door handle. However, this discomfort can be avoided if the cart is properly grounded.


What Anti-Static Caster Wheels Casters Are Available?

HuanXin Medical Caster has partnered with many different caster suppliers to make sure that we can offer you the right caster to meet your unique needs. Many of these suppliers offer Anti-Static Caster Wheels casters to solve the problems we have discussed. Here are a few of the casters offered by several of our suppliers that could be considered to solve your conductivity problems:

Albion Anti-Static Shopping Cart Caster: Great for preventing static shocks when customers grab a shopping cart, the Albion anti-static shopping cart caster uses a synthetic resin with electrically Anti-Static Caster Wheels material in the wheel, which prevents static from building up with each revolution of the wheel. This swivel caster has a wheel diameter of 5” and a 250-pound capacity.
Blickle Lift Duty TPA Series: This series of high quality and impact resistant polypropylene wheeled casters has an electrically Anti-Static Caster Wheels, non-marking grey option available. Wheel diameters are 50 to 200 mm and hold 50 to 250 kg. The treads are chemically bonded for increased durability.
Colson 3 Series: These casters come standard with a zinc plated finish for durability and good looks. A full double ball hardened raceway ensures better performance. Mounting options are a round or square stem with wheel sizes of 4”, 5” or 6” and capacity up to 300 pounds each. The Colson 3 series has an option for a grey non-marking performa rubber thermoplastic elastomer tread bonded to a polyolefin core. The core is ribbed for added strength.
Jarvis W13 Series: The Jarvis design features heavy gauge cold round steel formed for strength and a bright zinc plated finish to resist rust and corrosion. The swivel construction includes a double ball bearing with hardened raceway. Both Posiloc and Vertiloc brakes are available on these units. The Anti-Static Caster Wheels model has a 5” wheels with 150 pound capacity.
The Medcaster Chrome Hospital caster is a versatile option that can be used for a variety of applications, including food service, case carts, utility carts, hospital equipment, institutional equipment, store fixtures, and medical equipment. This caster features a chrome plated finish and dual ball swivel raceways, providing added strength and durability. It also includes a directional lock to hold the swivel in place and aid in steering, as well as a top lock to prevent the wheel from moving. The Anti-Static Caster Wheels rubber models are available in 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6″ wheel options, with a thread guard for added protection. These caster wheels have weight capacities ranging from 190 pounds to 260 pounds.
Rhombus 380 Series: The electrically Anti-Static Caster Wheels Rhombus 380 series won a reddot design award for its style and function, and these casters have a positive wheel lock that holds the central web of the wheel and is not reliant on friction. Because of this the locking action does not depend on the tire condition since the lock does not hold against the running surface of the wheel. Wheel diameters are 150 mm with a 120 kg capacity.
Shepherd Institutional Series: These RoHS compliant and NSF listed casters are constructed of high strength steel for added durability and a raceway dust cap for increased caster lift and performance. Dual ball bearing raceways and zinc finish provide excellent durability. Anti-Static Caster Wheels wheels are available and provide good floor protection, non-marking, durability, cushioned ride and chemical resistance. Brake options include tread lock brakes, total lock brakes, direction lock brakes, top lock brakes and PAT/PAD brakes.

When You Need Knowledgeable Caster Advice There is Only One Place to Turn

HuanXin Medical Caster has been a trusted provider of high-quality casters and material handling equipment since 1955. Our team includes experts with extensive knowledge and experience in finding the right caster for your specific needs. We work with top-quality suppliers to ensure that we offer the best Anti-Static Caster Wheels casters and material handling equipment on the market. If you are in need of Anti-Static Caster Wheels casters or any other type of material handling equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are committed to helping you find the perfect solution for your unique requirements.

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